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​Elton John Barbie Doll – New Perfomance
An iconic figure Elton John will be always a household name, and Barbie pays their respect to this talented person
Loss of Talented Dianna Effner
The doll industry is sad for Dianna Effner death. A great, talented woman will be always present in our recollection. Dianna left us on October, 14th, however, her kind and really prominent dolls will take a special place in the doll industry.
​Pretty Linda Macario Dolls – Opened Pre-order
The pre-order of the Melody dolls has been started October, 1st and will last till October, 15th.
​Fire Witch Doll – Time for Mystery
This is a Fire Witch and a limited edition. Just 200 dolls are available.
New JAMIEshow Hollywood Collection Dolls
​Meet new two dolls in the long-expected collection “The Hollywood Collection”! Rock and Rita are the names of the dolls.
New Modsdoll "Zuri"
The release of this gorgeous doll is planned on June, 22, at 9 AM (Korean time).
Mia by Linda Macario Dolls
Pre-order new doll Mia 10"
KingdomDoll Monarchs: Katherine Howard - The Stirling Prize
Katherine Howard makes her debut at the first Monarchs for 2020
​Traveling with new Poppy Parker Collection
New Poppy Parker Capsule Collection designed by fabulous Integrity Toys designer, David Buttry!
Spring Mood from Zwergnase
​Spring 2020 Collection by Nicole Marschollek-Menzner
​Preordering French Cute Raspberry
Preordering is available until May, 25th
Kingdom Doll are proud to present...  HARMONY!
Released on Sunday 26th April at 6 p.m. UK time
Adorable Amanda Doll
Pre-order Amanda tan skin basic by Linda Macario Dolls
Almadoll: SPRING/SUMMER 2020 collection
Spring always brings some inspiration, bright colors, and new ideas. And we have good news from amazing Almadoll this spring...
​Glamorous Cultural Icon – New Barbie Signature Tribute Doll
The cost of the doll is $40, and the date of the release is August, 16th.
​Elegant Numina Doll – Pre-order Soon
Alia is a new doll by Numina. There is little information so far, but the pre-order will start on August, 19th
​Seductive Dolls by PashaPasha – Pre-order Started
The pre-order has been started on June, 25th.
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