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We would like to create with you a special place, where everyone who likes dolls can make friends here and share our interest.

Our club is for doll fans of all categories. Everyone can find his/her community on Dollfan, or create it in order to unite the doll collectors of certain author or brand. We are trying to be comfortable and interesting for you. And we will be grateful, if you support us.

The following things are welcome on the website:

  • Publications about dolls and all that jazz
  • Communication on the doll subjects, comments
  • Publications of photo stories
  • Challenges
  • Buying/selling dolls
  • Posts about services for dolls
  • Posts about events in the dolls’ world (releases, pre-orders, events, conventions)
  • Sharing on social media and other internet platforms
  • Inviting your friends to the club who also like dolls


  • Offences, flooding, subjects not related to dolls

And here are some answers to the questions.

Who can be a club member? – if dolls live in your house, you are a doll collector with experience or have just started getting interested in dolls. The most important is you like dolls and want to know more about them and share emotions.

How to become a club member? – Register on the website, fill out your profile, indicate what dolls you have in your collections.

How to take part in the life of the club? – Keep your blog, add news, publications to the groups, comment posts of others members. Place your posts about selling, or buying a doll on the Marketplace. Leave reviews about other members.

What advantages the Dollfan club entry gives you?

  • You may organize your collection placing information about the dolls in your personal catalogue. (**link**). You decide whether this catalogue is available just for you, or just for friends, or for all club members.
  • In order to easier find your posts and follow the life of your dolls, we have created Folders. You may create a folder for every doll and place your Posts about this doll in this folder.
  • On Marketplace you may post your dolls for sale or create an announcement that you are looking for a doll. Filling out an announcement, select the needed group and this item will be shown in the Marketplace of the group. More potential buyers will see your post.

A parameter search works well on Marketplace. This way you will find the needed doll. In order to contact a seller, it is necessary to register on the website and send him/her a message by clicking on the button under the post.

You may subscribe on any portion of the website or any user and get notifications about new posts by e-mail.

If you have any issues on our website, please click here and we will help you. 

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