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Elegant fashion dolls Ficon
Ficon dolls have been my favourite for certain period of time. But now, when the world of the dolls is changing and being improved all the time, Ficondoll take an exclusive place in my collection.
My Ava (repaint Avantguard)
I remember how I saw this picture for the first time. I was amazed by charisma and beauty of this doll. I just started to collect dolls at that moment. There were mostly Tonner dolls in my collection. But this doll was another.
Pole-dance from Kuzya
This idea occurred to me when I received these wonderful Tonner doll stands Wizard Of Oz series. Its base imitates the path out of the yellow bricks. And these things always awoke my fantasy.
It is Happening! Prince - the Male Doll by Natalia Loseva in the Making
The fans of Natalia Loseva feel on top of the world! Natalia has announced that she is working on the creation of a new male doll. As you know, Natalia have already created the male doll earlier, and it was marvelous!
Tonner Winter Fantasy Matt Сenterpiece
Despite the fact that mold Matt is the most popular among the Tonner dolls, the face of Matt is the most pleasant for me (well, Tonner vampires may compete them). Robert Tonner has released a lot of Matt face, but each of them looks fantastic.
Tonner Lilah repaint - magical transformation
 Lilah - is one of my favourite molds by Tonner. Out of two dolls released by Tonner I have… three Two of them are original.
Penelope's bike ride
Summer is a great time to walk. And Penelope uses this opportunity. She was presented with a wonderful bike. It's time to use it. Go for the adventure! .
Porcelain bjd poll : Fairies, Mouline Rouge or Rococo Style?
I made something colorful to cheer up my weekend and to take a little break from other projects.
Happy birthday, author Natalia Loseva!
My dolls are thinking about the idea of how to congratulate their author on this photo. And... they did it! Me together with my Asya, Seryozha, Nika and Zaya, congratulate dear Natalia Loseva on her birthday !!
Tricky Movements or Zaya Learns Dancing
I showed how to use the outfits of the male Fashion Royalty dolls for Zaya in the previous publication. But I left several pictures of Zaya in these outfits in order to show you something curious. Have you already guessed? Yes!
Unexpected outfits for Zaya
Hi there! I would like to share information with the owners of Natalia Loseva dolls on the Zaya body. I have known for a long time that shoes for the male dolls by Fashion royalty fit my Zaya.
Seraph - LE20 Inamorata Doll
Seraph is one of the brightest dolls I have had the good fortune of seeing. She combines different characters: on one side, a character of celestial six-winged seraph.
Natalia Loseva doll: Zaya and music
I tried to create a small video from the photo. I hope you like it. Anyway, I am waiting for comments on my video. Also, I would like you to come up with your own name for this story. Which title will get the most likes?
Weekend friends
This is a short photo story about meeting of two girlfriends at a hot summer day on the stones at the pond. They had a wonderful time. Sunbathe, playing games and reading their favorite books. If you liked it, write in the comments. .
Happy Independence Day!
USA is celebrating Independence Day yesterday and my Penelope has decided to congratulate all US collectors! I hope she could sent to you through these photos all her love, respect and wishes for prosperity. And also peace and kindness
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