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I am not the member of the Megan Fox fan-club, but I do like Lilah, a portrait doll of Megan Fox by Robert Tonner. I think this face is not dollish, it is unusual, realistic and very beautiful just like the actress.
The name of this charming man is Marius Lancaster. He was a part of the Agent 355 – Mission Lovejoy collection in 2016 at the IFDC Integrity Toys convention dolls.
Do you have twin-dolls? Have you ever bought the same doll for your collection as you like this doll so much? It happened to me, when I saw Tyler 2.0, an ultra basic blond girl from Tonner.
I have a rather picky love of the Fashion Royalty. It took some time until I liked these dolls. And I have only special dolls of them in my collection. I like “live” faces, and so there are two OOAK ladies in my collection.
In this video from the author, you can see in detail how it looks and works Hair scalp system.              
Who have not watched a beautiful filming of Tolkien? Who have not admired the courage of the fellowship of the rings? Who have not been charmed by White Royal Elf Galadriel?
I am a big fan of BJD and resin dolls. It is very practical material for the interaction with the doll. But in most cases, these dolls have a small lid on the back of the head and the hair of the dolls is a wig.
If you are uncomfortable with skeletons and other elements of human anatomy, please do not browse this list. I hope I am not the only one who love fantasy and horror-themed dolls.
Nicki likes doing needlework, just like me. Knitting is her biggest hobby. But she does not have much time, and therefore it’s been a while from the first stich to the ready product.
Azure Layne Reese This doll is splendid. The colour palette of her outfit and embroidered design completely pay off her name.
I can't find a photo of me with my very first doll. I think my first doll must have been a rag-doll that belonged to a sister or a cousin before me, or perhaps an inherited Barbie of some sort from a cousin.
I have recently found the picture of me with my first doll. Of course, I don’t remember this as I was too little. But thanks to the miracles of my mother’s photobook, I can now look at it and show it to you.
I love BJDs, but oftentimes I cannot buy the ones I love due to cost. However, I recently learned of the Russian artist/company Kuklakit, who makes incredible 35 cm BJDs (my favorite size!) for affordable prices.
I have recently found these dolls and decided to meet their author. To may surprise, I found out that we live in one country. She is from Ukraine. Her name is Nataliia.
I'm a fan of Ball-jointed dolls because of their posing. Sometimes, though, I don't want resin dolls and I prefer to browse porcelain BJDs. Here are some of my favorite porcelain BJDs in the 30-50 cm size-range.
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