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​Bright Evening with NU. Face Doll
The art gallery in London may be a perfect place to spend evening. Giselle Diefendorf is one of the visitors at the opening of the gallery. She is definitely one of the most fashionable person there. And paparazzi cannot take cameras from her.
​New Role of Poppy Parker
It is rather curious to know what autumn would be in the doll industry. And the first doll of this season would be Poppy Parker (it is hard to believe but it is autumn!).
FR Nippon Collection Primrose Misaki (Fashion Doll)
Have you seen this beautiful and pretty Nippon Primrose Misaki? What thoughts do you have when you are looking at her? She is so tender and light, her golden curls are tied in a tail, and some curls frame her face.
​Neema and Ellowyne – More Details Revealed
Soon, on August, 27 at 6 PM MDT, the sale of gorgeous dolls Ellowyne and Neema (I have already talked about them earlier) will begin during the Virtual Doll Convention. Now we know the details about the dolls.
Twilight Vampiere Laurent and James
I continue to tell you about my dolls from The Twilight Saga. As there is good and bad, my collection also has evil vampires Laurent and James in addition to good Bella and Edward.
Helen Kish  Little Red Cap Doll
I liked fairy tales in childhood, just like other kids. But when I grew up, I still like it. I still have passion for dolls, and I still like fairy tales. Therefore, it is a pleasure for me to add hero dolls from fairy tales to my collection.
Final Doll in Nu. Fantasy Collection and Fascinating Collaboration of Integrity Toys
On Saturday, the final doll of NU. Fantasy Coven Couture Collection was presented byKarol Roth, the owner of the W Club, Alain Tremblay, the marketing director, and Mark Tinkey, talented designer of Integrity Toys.
Yumi's little trip
Yumi continues living a full life, even though she is now in Ukraine. She has used her go-bag for the pleasant nature tour. You may join her in her photo-story and keep her a company in this little trip.
Neema: Intriguing Pictures of New Doll by Tonner
Rachel Hoffman showed the pictures of a new doll. It is very intriguing as there is no full information yet. And Rachel knows how to get your attention and make you excited! This is “Charmed, I’m Sure”, and Neema looks fascinating!
Do you like magic? Maybe you know some tricks?There is a magical couple who will definitely show you cool tricks. Ingrid and Phoebe are ready for the performance. They look fantastic! These two girls present the final JEM AND HOLOGRAMS collection.
The Monarchs Homme™: Status Symbol Collection
Participating in the lottery of the IT, this is always totally to chance. You trust the Space and the World, and you are just waiting… The dealer dolls are a big stress for me.
Mizi doll. Shall we talk about it?
The IT dolls are very popular today. It is no wonder, they have optimal size 1/6, trendy outfits, and marketing is well presented. A lot of people are working on making them in demand. This is the result of long work.
​Summer in Retro Style – New Integrity Toys Dolls
Integrity Toys have reminded us that summer is coming. Their new dolls are definitely ready for the summer, and you? Have you got your new swimming suit? East 59th Basic Edition dolls are designed by Chris Stoeckel.
Slumber Party event: Poppy Parker Loves Mystery Date
The beginning of the new club year is full of new and very interesting dolls and sets. An online event took place yesterday where series consisting of 4 sets was presented. This event was devoted to all new members of the W Club.
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