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Neema: Intriguing Pictures of New Doll by Tonner
Rachel Hoffman showed the pictures of a new doll. It is very intriguing as there is no full information yet. And Rachel knows how to get your attention and make you excited! This is “Charmed, I’m Sure”, and Neema looks fascinating!
Do you like magic? Maybe you know some tricks?There is a magical couple who will definitely show you cool tricks. Ingrid and Phoebe are ready for the performance. They look fantastic! These two girls present the final JEM AND HOLOGRAMS collection.
The Monarchs Homme™: Status Symbol Collection
Participating in the lottery of the IT, this is always totally to chance. You trust the Space and the World, and you are just waiting… The dealer dolls are a big stress for me.
Mizi doll. Shall we talk about it?
The IT dolls are very popular today. It is no wonder, they have optimal size 1/6, trendy outfits, and marketing is well presented. A lot of people are working on making them in demand. This is the result of long work.
​Summer in Retro Style – New Integrity Toys Dolls
Integrity Toys have reminded us that summer is coming. Their new dolls are definitely ready for the summer, and you? Have you got your new swimming suit? East 59th Basic Edition dolls are designed by Chris Stoeckel.
Slumber Party event: Poppy Parker Loves Mystery Date
The beginning of the new club year is full of new and very interesting dolls and sets. An online event took place yesterday where series consisting of 4 sets was presented. This event was devoted to all new members of the W Club.
It is a big day today for the fans of Natalia Loseva. Natalia has presented a Master model of the author male doll. She has been working on him for a long time.
​Fresh, Soft, Confident Integrity Toys Dolls
Two new dolls have been presented at the W Club event presentation. These dolls belong to the NU. Face collection. The designer of the dolls is Jessy Ayala, Integrity Toys. Looking at these dolls, there are just warm feelings.
​Colorful and Dramatic Doll by Integrity Toys
The third doll in the Coven Couture NU. Fantasy collection has been revealed at the W Club presentation. The doll looks just gorgeous! The designer of the doll is Mark Tinkey, Integrity Toys. The designer was inspired by the fairy tales and myths.
Greetings to All New W Club Members
W Club 2022 are greeting new members in their club. They have informed about coming events that will be available for the members only.
2 off my AG doll in outfit made by Albina from Slowenia
Zaya at the Doll Art Exhibition in 2017
Time passes rapidly. It has been 4 years since our first meeting with Zaya. It was the Doll Art exhibition at the Gostinyy Dvor in Moscow, in December, 2017.
Happy Valentine’s Day!  Tonner love store
Happy Valentine’s Day! May all of you have sincere affection, light and tender love! Let love always be in your life! I have a question for you, to the point. Do your dolls create couples between each other?
Helen Kish Riley for UFDC
I would like to show you these two amazing girls. They have been released by Helen Kish for the UFDC (United Federation of Doll Clubs) convention.This is Riley. As far as I know, she debuted in 2003.
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