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Nicki likes doing needlework, just like me. Knitting is her biggest hobby. But she does not have much time, and therefore it’s been a while from the first stich to the ready product.
Azure Layne Reese This doll is splendid. The colour palette of her outfit and embroidered design completely pay off her name.
I can't find a photo of me with my very first doll. I think my first doll must have been a rag-doll that belonged to a sister or a cousin before me, or perhaps an inherited Barbie of some sort from a cousin.
I have recently found the picture of me with my first doll. Of course, I don’t remember this as I was too little. But thanks to the miracles of my mother’s photobook, I can now look at it and show it to you.
I love BJDs, but oftentimes I cannot buy the ones I love due to cost. However, I recently learned of the Russian artist/company Kuklakit, who makes incredible 35 cm BJDs (my favorite size!) for affordable prices.
I have recently found these dolls and decided to meet their author. To may surprise, I found out that we live in one country. She is from Ukraine. Her name is Nataliia.
I'm a fan of Ball-jointed dolls because of their posing. Sometimes, though, I don't want resin dolls and I prefer to browse porcelain BJDs. Here are some of my favorite porcelain BJDs in the 30-50 cm size-range.
Sometimes it's nice to have dolls that are not skinny or petite and curvy! Here are some wonderfully tiny and MSD-sized BJDs that are representative of plus-sized women!
I have recently registered in the Integrity Toys W Club, and I am happy that I can get information at first hand. Moreover, there is no need to wait until this information will be shared.
I have recently got this wonderful and rare doll Marie. This doll is by Robert Tonner from New York City Nutcracker Ballet series.     Tonner Doll Company, Inc started releasing this series in 2006.
You have already met Lushik and Tabris in my stories, but they have not been together yet. See how they interact. Lushik decided that training would be useful for Tabris.I think he was right. Tabris willingly fulfills the commands: Sit! Lie down!
I have an insane passion for the talented master and my friend Natalia Loseva. I am happy to show her dolls here endlessly.
Shauna Blushing Queen is one of the most stunning dolls from Tonner that I have ever hold in my hands. When I got out her of the box, my heart sank. This is how beautiful she was! Blushing Queen is a doll from "Alice in Wonderland" Collection.
Yes! Finally! We now can see the pictures of renewed, amazing, and improved Ellowyne Wilde!     Petal Pusher 16" Dressed doll with rooted saran hair.
I really like these dolls. Their faces are full of dignity, and their bodies are graceful and flexible. I have found this photo session in my archive.
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