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Ficondoll Ficondoll · Blog

​A Chic Lady by Ficondoll
She may fascinate you with her beautiful face: she is looking right into your heart with her clearly blue eyes. Her makeup is rather dark and has different shades of purple. Could she be an actress?
Amanda's beautiful day
I think everyone has had one of those days when there is a good weather outside, everything is fine but you want to stay home, just to stay alone with yourself. You pour yourself a glass of wine and just make yourself comfortable and relax.
What clothes do ficondoll wear
I like to experiment with the outfits of the dolls. And I also have dolls by different authors and manufacturers. It is always interesting what dolls may wear clothes of other dolls.
Elegant fashion dolls Ficon
Ficon dolls have been my favourite for certain period of time. But now, when the world of the dolls is changing and being improved all the time, Ficondoll take an exclusive place in my collection.
My Inspirational and Passionate Dolls
My Inspirational and Passionate Dolls I like saucy, or even Gothic style. It shows courage, desire, and passion. So, it is not surprising that my first Ficon doll was Leoni. She dressed up like a biker, her makeup is bright, with dark smokey eyes.
La Novia - best romantic look
I can say that La Novia is my favorite doll from Ficondoll. Each detail of her outfit makes her look like a real perfection! Her hair is perfectly done and she has very soft but at the same time lovely makeup. Even her stockings are a masterpiece.
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