La Novia - best romantic look


I can say that La Novia is my favorite doll from Ficondoll. Each detail of her outfit makes her look like a real perfection!

Her hair is perfectly done and she has very soft but at the same time lovely makeup.

Even her stockings are a masterpiece.

I think if I knew her for a very long time, I would wear the same dress to be the most beautiful bride!
A gorgeous bride — that is how I can describe her image.

Look precisely on the small details like her umbrella and gloves — they are incredible! 

Today I’d like to show you the promo photos of the doll from Ficondoll. I’m sure that Kim would not mind seeing them somewhere. I sincerely admire this doll! The amount of such dolls is so limited, that I was incredibly happy when she appeared in my collection! Later I will definitely show her!

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