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Unique and Unusual BJD dolls- monsters, Gothic/dark-themed dolls, androids, and fantasy creatures
If you are uncomfortable with skeletons and other elements of human anatomy, please do not browse this list. I hope I am not the only one who love fantasy and horror-themed dolls.
best inexpensive BJDs
I love BJDs, but oftentimes I cannot buy the ones I love due to cost. However, I recently learned of the Russian artist/company Kuklakit, who makes incredible 35 cm BJDs (my favorite size!) for affordable prices.
Plus-Size small BJDs
Sometimes it's nice to have dolls that are not skinny or petite and curvy! Here are some wonderfully tiny and MSD-sized BJDs that are representative of plus-sized women!
La Novia - best romantic look
I can say that La Novia is my favorite doll from Ficondoll. Each detail of her outfit makes her look like a real perfection! Her hair is perfectly done and she has very soft but at the same time lovely makeup. Even her stockings are a masterpiece.
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