best inexpensive BJDs- Kuklakit on etsy

Fashion-Size BJDs

I love BJDs, but oftentimes I cannot buy the ones I love due to cost. However, I recently learned of the Russian artist/companyKuklakit, who makes incredible 35 cm BJDs (my favorite size!) for affordable prices. I wanted to share these cool dolls with you. All dolls come with 2 heads, one with open eyes and one without.


$79 USD

Anabel has a style similar to that of the Popovy dolls, so if you like them but cannot afford them, she is a good alternative.


Again, Eseniy looks like a bit like a Popovy doll. She could be a nice alternative.

she is $79 USD.


$79 USD

Aisha is my favorite. She has a very unique face. It reminds me a bit of the PashaPasha face, but less stylized.


$79 USD

Hilda is a plus-sized doll; the only one I know of at this size to be honest. She is cute.


$79 USD

Varvara has a slightly open mouth, which is a nice feature.


$79 USD

Adel has hidden double-joints in her knees.


$158 USD

Bishop is the one male doll.

I hope you like these dolls as much as I do!


Thanks for the info. I think this is useful for many who love bjd and cannot buy


I agree. I don't like many of the most-popular inexpensive BJDs that people recommend, I prefer these types of dolls. So I was happy to find this company.