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porcelainbjd porcelainbjd Porcelain BJD dolls 27 days ago

Hi everyone!I just want to let you now that my line of china painted dolls are now available :D! Check my fb albums for a lot of pictures ;3 Paulina Gravagno

Custom orders are also open again for blank, nude and costumed standard doll molds to be delivered on March 2022 and for Mermaid dolls for to be delivered on July 2022. Layaway is available. Slots for the first batch are limited, since I will be also finishing other projects, including resin shoes and more rococo outfits. All dolls will be as usual painted with acrylics but you can now also to ask for the china painting finishing. Check our listings on Etsy and Ebay for more specific details. any order purchased during December 2021 shipment will be free.More interesting links at: you again and have a nice day

JuliM JuliM New ​Little girl Nunnu by Meadodolls 1 month ago

From Facebook 

JuliM JuliM ​Mysterious Divine Doll in NU Fantasy Collection 1 month ago

I won the lottery! this is cool! Who else?

JuliM JuliM "The best Halloween costume for your doll" - ​Voting! 2 months ago

Winner — photo #2

Congratulations! Author of the costume and photo

Silvia Zirkelbach
She_Julie She_Julie "The best Halloween costume for your doll" - ​Voting! 2 months ago


She reminds me the Squid Game :D

eve eve "The best Halloween costume for your doll" - ​Voting! 2 months ago

They are all nice but I like #2, the viking, the best.

Jutta Jutta "The best Halloween costume for your doll" - ​Voting! 2 months ago

my vote is for #2 Adorable Viking!!

JuliM JuliM Learning to Sew 3 months ago

Thank you, teacher

Julia Mohova Learning to Sew 3 months ago

It’s hard but yet much fun to learn seeng for dolls. I am happy to have such hard working student in my class as you, Julia. And can’t wait to see what dresses, tops and skirts you will make for your dolls. 

JuliM JuliM ​New Ellowyne Wilde Collection - Soon 3 months ago

Outfit “Evergreen,” designed by our great Robert Tonner.

This photo is by Ernesto Padró-Campos, Director of New Product Photography at Virtual Doll Convention 

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