She is very pretty and a desirable addition as she's plus sized. However, should be closer to 40cm so I can add her to my collection!

I must add her to the plus size doll list!

Wonderful dolls. I love Barbies like this.

I think you can get it on the secondary market


is there anyway to get one now?

These are incredible


I've never seen the Tyler 2.0 face, I only knew of the original! She is so lovely though, I see why you have two. Reminds a bit of Tonner's Cinderella face crossed with the first Tyler face. :)


Thank you so much

I love them


I like these two! The repaint really brings Kiori to life. Lovely photos.


I'd be happy to do an interview if that's something you'd be interested in! So cool to see you found the article :)

Paulina GravagnoPorcelain BJD dolls
20:25 (edited)

Hi! Thank you very much for the feature and very nice words :D If you want to know more about our dolls you can visit@porcelainbjd | Linktree or to send a DM for specific questions or even if you want to make an interview sometime :) At my FBPaulina Gravagno you will find full albums the latest dolls I have made . For the moment I am still working with my usual technique, acrylics and lacquer on porcelain, but at the same time developing a china painted line and even my own porcelain formulas, since it is very difficult in my country to get it ready for casting. I profoundly admire these great artists and they are my inspiration for constant improving. And must to thanks also to my customers, they challenge me with their ideas and every doll is turning out better every time! Have a nice day :3 !!!

07:23 (edited)

Certainly I will, the Moneyqueen dolls must be seen by the world !!

Oh, that's great! I hope you will join us on the site and show them in the group.

18:33 (edited)

I love the moneyqueendoll! I have two dolls both the Emily doll the difference is the skin color

I agree. I don't like many of the most-popular inexpensive BJDs that people recommend, I prefer these types of dolls. So I was happy to find this company.

Thanks for the info. I think this is useful for many who love bjd and cannot buy


Thank you very much


That's really a cute photo! And led me to discover I have no pics with dolls...ever!

15:05 (edited)

Happy Easter!

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