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Yes! Finally! We now can see the pictures of renewed, amazing, and improved Ellowyne Wilde!
I really like these dolls.
You have recently seen how Serge and Nicki celebrated Valentine’s Day, and how Nicki was happy and s
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I have already written that there are pair dolls of Robert Tonner who complement one another or make
“Yippee! Finally my friends are here!” - exclaimed Penelope.
There are a lot of doll couples in my doll collection, but I would like to share how Serj has congra
Who would not dream to live a magical story of Cinderella?
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Cami is a very popular mold among the collectors of Tonner dolls.
Tulabelle True by Integrity Toys is the granddaughter of the famous model Poppy Parker.
Hello. I love Fashion-Sized BJDs, specifically those 15-20 inches tall.
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   Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell is an American singer and a song-writer who was bo
My Penelope's sisters are looking for a home  The authors dolls by Valeria Gorodnichuk on the o
Natalia Loseva doll
Art bjd Natalia Loseva  @natalialoseva_dolls
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Tonner doll
Here we can post our notes, stories and photos of Robert Tonner dolls
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Avantguards (Integrity Toys)
Integrity Toys AvantGuard Dolls come with accessories, extra hands, extra feet, jewelry. shoes and wigs. Doll Size:16in. 
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Dolls 40 cm, resin, high fashion, couture, casual style  LE 30, Full set, author Kim Su Hyun
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Tiny doll by Valeria Gorodnichuk
Author Valeria Gorodnichuk Instagram @frima64 mold, make, image from the author, Ob11 body
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Barbie Contemporary (1973-Now)
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Integrity & Fashion Royalty Dolls
Integrity & Fashion Royalty Dolls...
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BJD FairyLand Popular manufacturer and fantastic creation. Size development is also rich from palm-sized doll to a large doll.
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Gone With the Wind dolls fanclub
If you are a Gone with the Wind fan and you have any GWTW dolls in your collection, join the group.
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Dream Children
Author Mila Dunaeva Resin bjd doll  scale 1/12 , 1/24  silicon doll
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