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Realpuki Kuzya on a walk Closing the preorder Happy Independence Day! Weekend friends

Realpuki Kuzya on a walk

19 days ago
Realpuki Kuzya on a walk
Realpuki Kuzya on a walk
Closing the preorder
Closing the preorder
Happy Independence Day!
Happy Independence Day!
Weekend friends
Weekend friends

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JuliM in ​Inamorata doll 9 days ago
Seraph is one of the brightest dolls I have had the good fortune of seeing.
JuliM in Natalia Loseva doll 12 days ago
I tried to create a small video from the photo. I hope you like it.
JuliM in Quiethousedolls 16 days ago
This is a short photo story about meeting of two girlfriends at a hot summer day on the stones at th
USA is celebrating Independence Day yesterday and my Penelope has decided to congratulate all US co
JuliM in BJD FairyLand 19 days ago
— Oh, what a wonderful day is today! Lets go for a walking — Kuzia thought. .
JuliM in Natalia Loseva doll 1 month ago
The news that the active pre-order (the line) of the blank dolls with 6 molds will be closed on July
JuliM in Tonner doll 1 month ago
I am not the member of the Megan Fox fan-club, but I do like Lilah, a portrait doll of Megan Fox by
The name of this charming man is Marius Lancaster.
JuliM in Tonner doll 2 months ago
Do you have twin-dolls?
I have a rather picky love of the Fashion Royalty. It took some time until I liked these dolls.
JuliM in MONEYQUEEN DOLLS 2 months ago
In this video from the author, you can see in detail how it looks and works Hair scalp system.
JuliM in Tonner doll 3 months ago
Who have not watched a beautiful filming of Tolkien?
Tonner doll
Here we can post our notes, stories and photos of Robert Tonner dolls
6 members
Natalia Loseva doll
Art bjd Natalia Loseva  @natalialoseva_dolls
5 members
Avantguards (Integrity Toys)
Integrity Toys AvantGuard Dolls come with accessories, extra hands, extra feet, jewelry. shoes and wigs. Doll Size:16in. 
3 members
Integrity & Fashion Royalty Dolls
Integrity & Fashion Royalty Dolls...
5 members
Author Natalia Luka, BJD fashion dolls, 16"
5 members
Fashion-Size BJDs
Hello. I love Fashion-Sized BJDs, specifically those 15-20 inches tall.
2 members
Make your own challenge for your friends! Yes, now you may challenge your colleagues, likeminded people, relatives, and doll collectors and have fun together!
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Tiny doll by Valeria Gorodnichuk
Author Valeria Gorodnichuk Instagram @frima64 mold, make, image from the author, Ob11 body
1 member
BJD FairyLand
https://dollfairyland.com Popular manufacturer and fantastic creation. Size development is also rich from palm-sized doll to a large doll.
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Dolls 40 cm, resin, high fashion, couture, casual style  LE 30, Full set, author Kim Su Hyun
2 members
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