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The appearance of Dan in my doll family was a significant event this year!
For sale at auction November, 24thThe last two OOAK full set dolls on Zay's bodyOOAK Koffee & Mi
The story of  Koffee & Milky  has got continuation in new looks of these dol
Yesterday there was news about a soon sale of two!!!
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The summer has gone, but I still have the pics!
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"Hello! As you already know, I am Sayuri. I would like to tell you about my adventures recently.
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As you already know, Twilight is my love for ever!
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I want to tell you about amazing dolls.
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We are living during the amazing period of a fast progress.
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  It has been 10 years, since collectors could behold this magnificent doll at Paris Fash
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It was a lovely Sunday afternoon and the weather was sunny.
Tonner doll
Here we can post our notes, stories and photos of Robert Tonner dolls
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Natalia Loseva doll
Art bjd Natalia Loseva  @natalialoseva_dolls
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Avantguards (Integrity Toys)
Integrity Toys AvantGuard Dolls come with accessories, extra hands, extra feet, jewelry. shoes and wigs. Doll Size:16in. 
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Barbie Contemporary (1973-Now)
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BJD FairyLand Popular manufacturer and fantastic creation. Size development is also rich from palm-sized doll to a large doll.
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Gone With the Wind dolls fanclub
If you are a Gone with the Wind fan and you have any GWTW dolls in your collection, join the group.
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Dolls 40 cm, resin, high fashion, couture, casual style  LE 30, Full set, author Kim Su Hyun
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Art bjd doll Julya Reshetnikova @julya_magic
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Integrity & Fashion Royalty Dolls
Integrity & Fashion Royalty Dolls...
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Dream Children
Author Mila Dunaeva Resin bjd doll  scale 1/12 , 1/24  silicon doll
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