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Contest "The best Halloween costume for your doll"
It is autumn now, and it means that the most mystical holiday of the year  Halloween is around the corner.
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If you like 1980, you may like this new collection by Integrity Toys. This collection represents a TV show JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS.
The Integrity Toys have presented their new collection which is glamorous and chic. The METEOR Collection – three amazing dolls. The collection is available for W Club Members.
The pre-order of Inomorata 4.0 will start on October, 13 at 4 PM (New York time), and it will last till all 20 dolls will be pre-ordered (or it will end on Friday, October, 15).
The sale will be open on October, 13 at 9 AM (Korean time).
pre-order of King Ocean Ken Merman that will begin on October, 13 at 9 AM (PT).
The cost of the doll is $100. The dressed doll will cost $180. Moreover, all outfits may be bought separately, at $90 each.
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