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Plus-Size small BJDs

Fashion-Size BJDs

Sometimes it's nice to have dolls that are not skinny or petite and curvy!

Here are some wonderfully tiny and MSD-sized BJDs that are representative of plus-sized women!

Morningstardolls Francisca:

Paula and Friends by OfButterfliesAndThings:

Hilda by Kuklakit:

Viola by Summerbird BJD:

Female body plus size 1/4 by Argonautica:

Anitya by Bardo Research:

Lidia by Legrand doll:

Popovy Venus (thank you @JuliM!!!)

-MargoKM BJDs


Rim Doll Curvy body

Honorable mention to these 1/12th scale dolls:


Honorable mentions to Boudi dolls and The Curvy Alien dolls:




Oh, thanks for this helpful information. I think the catalog of such dolls should also be here. I have also seen thatPopovy sister dolls made one plus size body for their dolls. I'll add it here too


thank you for this addition! I had no idea that Popovy made a plus-size doll. I quite like her. Later, I will edit the post to add this girl in.


I'm hope to see more of the Venus dolls around. Gorgeous!