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Porcelain BJD dolls
I'm a fan of Ball-jointed dolls because of their posing. Sometimes, though, I don't want resin dolls and I prefer to browse porcelain BJDs. Here are some of my favorite porcelain BJDs in the 30-50 cm size-range.
Plus-Size small BJDs
Sometimes it's nice to have dolls that are not skinny or petite and curvy! Here are some wonderfully tiny and MSD-sized BJDs that are representative of plus-sized women!
Fashion-Size BJDs- what are they and who do I recommend
Hello. I love Fashion-Sized BJDs, specifically those 15-20 inches tall. I made a list on DoA of my favorite resin ball-jointed fashion dolls, and I thought anyone who likes these dolls as well might appreciate it.
Haymaking from realpuki
The summer has gone, but I still have the pics! I would like to show you how my little Pugovka and Lyushik worked in summer. As you may remember, they planted flowers in spring, and they had haymaking in late summer.
My little skater Sayuri
Sayuri is a very agile, active and addicted teenager. She plays on the oculi, loves books, computer games.  It's time to master the skateboard. Today was a great day to take a board with you and go for a drive.
Prepare for summer with little Realpuki
Realpuki from FairyLand is one of my favorite characters. They look so lively and positive. The little guys like various antics, but they are also ready to work dedicatedly. I just love them!
My Sayuri — Little Lily
I would like to tell you about Sayuri, and so this is my first post. It is an authors BJD doll. Her creator is a talented master Yuliia Reshetnikova. Her each doll is unique, and the image is absolutely individual and distinctive.
La Novia - best romantic look
I can say that La Novia is my favorite doll from Ficondoll. Each detail of her outfit makes her look like a real perfection! Her hair is perfectly done and she has very soft but at the same time lovely makeup. Even her stockings are a masterpiece.
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