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Quiethousedolls Quiethousedolls · Blog

Yumi's little trip
Yumi continues living a full life, even though she is now in Ukraine. She has used her go-bag for the pleasant nature tour. You may join her in her photo-story and keep her a company in this little trip.
Weekend friends
This is a short photo story about meeting of two girlfriends at a hot summer day on the stones at the pond. They had a wonderful time. Sunbathe, playing games and reading their favorite books. If you liked it, write in the comments. .
Mood color - red (photostory for Sayuri)
"Hello! As you already know, I am Sayuri. I would like to tell you about my adventures recently. So, make yourself comfortable, read and look at it.     There was something unusual on that day.
My little skater Sayuri
Sayuri is a very agile, active and addicted teenager. She plays on the oculi, loves books, computer games.  It's time to master the skateboard. Today was a great day to take a board with you and go for a drive.
My Sayuri — Little Lily
I would like to tell you about Sayuri, and so this is my first post. It is an authors BJD doll. Her creator is a talented master Yuliia Reshetnikova. Her each doll is unique, and the image is absolutely individual and distinctive.
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