Mood color - red (photostory for Sayuri)


«Hello! As you already know, I am Sayuri. I would like to tell you about my adventures recently. So, make yourself comfortable, read and look at it.


There was something unusual on that day. Autumn amazed me with a good weather, but I wanted to add more colors. And I started to try things out. I found this wonderful striped scarf in my wardrobe. Its stripes matched my sweater stripes well. I liked it.



 Oh, this amazing knitted hat would be appropriate.



I will add a fancy bag and red-rimmed glasses. The color of the day is red.



Yay, it will be an active day! And I went for a walk.



I am loving it! This bush with red flowers perfectly matches my outfit!



It would be a great picture!



  It is better to take some rest, — I thought, but it was autumn, even thought it was really bright, and so the stones were cold.



And so, I'm at home. And I have a runny nose


It is a colorful, but cautionary tale.! 

Do not sit on cold stones in autumn.

Take care of yourself!



Get well soon! she should of spread her scarf on the stones, and sit on it.