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Amanda's beautiful day
I think everyone has had one of those days when there is a good weather outside, everything is fine but you want to stay home, just to stay alone with yourself. You pour yourself a glass of wine and just make yourself comfortable and relax.
What clothes do ficondoll wear
I like to experiment with the outfits of the dolls. And I also have dolls by different authors and manufacturers. It is always interesting what dolls may wear clothes of other dolls.
Elegant fashion dolls Ficon
Ficon dolls have been my favourite for certain period of time. But now, when the world of the dolls is changing and being improved all the time, Ficondoll take an exclusive place in my collection.
Tricky Movements or Zaya Learns Dancing
I showed how to use the outfits of the male Fashion Royalty dolls for Zaya in the previous publication. But I left several pictures of Zaya in these outfits in order to show you something curious. Have you already guessed? Yes!
Seraph - LE20 Inamorata Doll
Seraph is one of the brightest dolls I have had the good fortune of seeing. She combines different characters: on one side, a character of celestial six-winged seraph.
Hair scalp system for Moneyqueen Dolls
I am a big fan of BJD and resin dolls. It is very practical material for the interaction with the doll. But in most cases, these dolls have a small lid on the back of the head and the hair of the dolls is a wig.
MONEYQUEEN DOLLS - Interview with author Nataliia Luka
I have recently found these dolls and decided to meet their author. To may surprise, I found out that we live in one country. She is from Ukraine. Her name is Nataliia.
Porcelain BJD dolls
I'm a fan of Ball-jointed dolls because of their posing. Sometimes, though, I don't want resin dolls and I prefer to browse porcelain BJDs. Here are some of my favorite porcelain BJDs in the 30-50 cm size-range.
New face from Natalia Loseva
I have an insane passion for the talented master and my friend Natalia Loseva. I am happy to show her dolls here endlessly.
Fashion-Size BJDs- what are they and who do I recommend
Hello. I love Fashion-Sized BJDs, specifically those 15-20 inches tall. I made a list on DoA of my favorite resin ball-jointed fashion dolls, and I thought anyone who likes these dolls as well might appreciate it.
Mood color - red (photostory for Sayuri)
"Hello! As you already know, I am Sayuri. I would like to tell you about my adventures recently. So, make yourself comfortable, read and look at it.     There was something unusual on that day.
Niki: Walk to the Pond
It was a lovely Sunday afternoon and the weather was sunny. Serge settled down comfortably on the sofa with a glass of delicious beer. He was fully relaxed. Nika, on the other hand, did not want to stay at home.
Weekend in nature
This weekend were a wonderful sunny days. It was impossible to sit at home already. This quarantine have taken the spring, you can not use the least opportunity to enjoy the summer.
My sweet girl Yuvi
Hi!Let me introduce one more girl from Natalia Loseva - YuviShe has a mold Yuy and Zaya body. Here are very beautiful color wigs, possibility of changing clothes, books "Harry Potter" and "Lord of rings".
Miao Modsdoll
News about the release of a new doll from Modsdoll prompted me to remember about one of my favorite dolls from Yian – Miao.
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