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Seraph - LE20 Inamorata Doll

​Inamorata doll

Seraph is one of the brightest dolls I have had the good fortune of seeing. She combines different characters: on one side, a character of celestial six-winged seraph. She has beautiful metallic strong wings on the back, but on the other side, this is hot and sexy dark-skinned deva with passionate mouth and saucy hairdo. A translation from Hebraic of Seraph means “burning”, “fiery”, “flaming” – this is exactly what comes to your mind when you are looking at this pretty girl!

Her outfit is well-thought-out. It has combined a ballet-skirt, a corset, and harness

And even a variation of epauletto.

Her velvet eyelashes cover her languishing look, she is full of dignity and confidence. This is truly a royal doll. I am not sure that I have managed to show her greatness in these pictures, but I hope you will see her the way I see her.

Seraph — LE20 Inamorata Doll


She is so cool! Very unique and colorful. An incredible woman. The photographs are lovely.

08:44 (edited)

Thank you so much!