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Created: 1 year ago
Owner: JuliM

Natalia Loseva doll / Blog

I tried to create a small video from the photo. I hope you like it. Anyway, I am waiting for comments on my video. Also, I would like you to come up with your own name for this story. Which title will get the most likes?
The news that the active pre-order (the line) of the blank dolls with 6 molds will be closed on July, 1st, has created a buzz for the doll fans of Natalia Loseva.
Nicki likes doing needlework, just like me. Knitting is her biggest hobby. But she does not have much time, and therefore it’s been a while from the first stich to the ready product.
I have an insane passion for the talented master and my friend Natalia Loseva. I am happy to show her dolls here endlessly.
You have recently seen how Serge and Nicki celebrated Valentine’s Day, and how Nicki was happy and surprised. At this time, Nicki decided to impress Serge with a gift. What do you think it would be? Yes, this is chess.
There are a lot of doll couples in my doll collection, but I would like to share how Serj has congratulated her beloved Nicki. In the morning, Serge made favorite breakfast. It was aromatic coffee Nicki likes so much, and also a cheesecake.
Who would not dream to live a magical story of Cinderella? Of course in most cases, we would want to be in the moment when she meets a beautiful prince. But my Asya decided to experience a hard part when poor Cinderella had difficult times.
For sale at auction November, 24thThe last two OOAK full set dolls on Zay's bodyOOAK Koffee & Milky by Natalia Loseva Mold Suri and Zaya Size about 14" (35 cm) Material: resin (made in USA) Full set, OOAK Photo from Instagram natal
The story of  Koffee & Milky  has got continuation in new looks of these dolls. They got additional long hair that will be added to the main sets. Do you like these looks? What do you think about them?
Yesterday there was news about a soon sale of two!!! new OOAK Full Set dolls completely created by the author. The first doll is a final doll with the face of beautiful and beloved by many collectors Zaya. This doll will never be available again.
It was a lovely Sunday afternoon and the weather was sunny. Serge settled down comfortably on the sofa with a glass of delicious beer. He was fully relaxed. Nika, on the other hand, did not want to stay at home.
This weekend were a wonderful sunny days. It was impossible to sit at home already. This quarantine have taken the spring, you can not use the least opportunity to enjoy the summer.
Hi!Let me introduce one more girl from Natalia Loseva - YuviShe has a mold Yuy and Zaya body. Here are very beautiful color wigs, possibility of changing clothes, books "Harry Potter" and "Lord of rings".
Hello, friends! I'm happy to introduce you my grail-doll from Natalia Loseva dolls - beautiful Vera!  A few days ago I was walking near Volga river with Vera and took a little pic) Now I want to share this pictures here. She is so pretty!