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3 years ago

Natalia Loseva doll Natalia Loseva doll · Blog

It is a big day today for the fans of Natalia Loseva. Natalia has presented a Master model of the author male doll. She has been working on him for a long time.
Zaya at the Doll Art Exhibition in 2017
Time passes rapidly. It has been 4 years since our first meeting with Zaya. It was the Doll Art exhibition at the Gostinyy Dvor in Moscow, in December, 2017.
The Twilight Saga from my Serge and Zaya
I like to play with my dolls, and experience stories with them. And of course, you may have noticed my passion to the Twilight saga. I couldn’t stand going through these moments with my favourite dolls.
Warm autumn, walk together
Nice weather today. Seryozha and Niki decided to go for a walk together. It was very romantic. Do you think so too? Outfits NastyaTZ , shoes @js_for_dolls
It is Happening! Prince - the Male Doll by Natalia Loseva in the Making
The fans of Natalia Loseva feel on top of the world! Natalia has announced that she is working on the creation of a new male doll. As you know, Natalia have already created the male doll earlier, and it was marvelous!
Happy birthday, author Natalia Loseva!
My dolls are thinking about the idea of how to congratulate their author on this photo. And... they did it! Me together with my Asya, Seryozha, Nika and Zaya, congratulate dear Natalia Loseva on her birthday !!
Tricky Movements or Zaya Learns Dancing
I showed how to use the outfits of the male Fashion Royalty dolls for Zaya in the previous publication. But I left several pictures of Zaya in these outfits in order to show you something curious. Have you already guessed? Yes!
Unexpected outfits for Zaya
Hi there! I would like to share information with the owners of Natalia Loseva dolls on the Zaya body. I have known for a long time that shoes for the male dolls by Fashion royalty fit my Zaya.
Natalia Loseva doll: Zaya and music
I tried to create a small video from the photo. I hope you like it. Anyway, I am waiting for comments on my video. Also, I would like you to come up with your own name for this story. Which title will get the most likes?
Closing the preorder
The news that the active pre-order (the line) of the blank dolls with 6 molds will be closed on July, 1st, has created a buzz for the doll fans of Natalia Loseva.
Nicki’s Hobby
Nicki likes doing needlework, just like me. Knitting is her biggest hobby. But she does not have much time, and therefore it’s been a while from the first stich to the ready product.
New face from Natalia Loseva
I have an insane passion for the talented master and my friend Natalia Loseva. I am happy to show her dolls here endlessly.
Gift for Serge
You have recently seen how Serge and Nicki celebrated Valentine’s Day, and how Nicki was happy and surprised. At this time, Nicki decided to impress Serge with a gift. What do you think it would be? Yes, this is chess.
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