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It was a lovely Sunday afternoon and the weather was sunny. Serge settled down comfortably on the sofa with a glass of delicious beer. He was fully relaxed. Nika, on the other hand, did not want to stay at home.More
This weekend were a wonderful sunny days. It was impossible to sit at home already. This quarantine have taken the spring, you can not use the least opportunity to enjoy the summer.More
Hi!Let me introduce one more girl from Natalia Loseva - YuviShe has a mold Yuy and Zaya body. Here are very beautiful color wigs, possibility of changing clothes, books "Harry Potter" and "Lord of rings".More
Hello, friends! I'm happy to introduce you my grail-doll from Natalia Loseva dolls - beautiful Vera!  A few days ago I was walking near Volga river with Vera and took a little pic) Now I want to share this pictures here.More