Unexpected outfits for Zaya

Hi there! I would like to share information with the owners of Natalia Loseva dolls on the Zaya body.

I have known for a long time that shoes for the male dolls by Fashion royalty fit my Zaya. And I saw that other collectors use the same shoes for their Zaya and Yuy dolls. But I have not seen so far that someone used the male Fashion Royalty clothes. How wrong they are!

The classic outfit by Lukas Maverick – Beauty fits her rather well, except the shirt – it has narrow wrists to gown her.

The pants are just perfect for her! I like this soft grey blue color of her pants and the regular fit so much. Itlookscroppedbutmoderately. The vest is loose fit but it would look different, if a T-shirt or a shirt is put on under it.

Here is how the outfit by Ace McFly 2013 Edge of Night Convention CI looks.

I took other shoes but the rest fits perfectly. Feast your eyes upon Zaya outfit for a walk next autumn. How do you find it?

Sneakers and a bag are used here from another man in the Fashion Royalty All American Auden. I think they are combined pretty well. 

You may see on this picture how they perfectly fit on the waist 

In conclusion, here is the picture of the favorite Zaya 

Maureen Maureen 1 month ago #

Zaya looks so good in these clothes!!! who would've guessed the FR boys had such versatile clothing-- I think it looks better on Zaya than it does on them! 

Manager Manager 19 days ago #

Very nice

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