New face from Natalia Loseva

Natalia Loseva doll

I have an insane passion for the talented master and my friend Natalia Loseva. I am happy to show her dolls here endlessly. I show both dolls that live in my collection, and dolls that have just appeared and are becoming a dreamboat for many collectors.

You have already seen the publication about regularpre-order of dolls of three molds: Rebecca, Anna, and Helga.

But Natalia is not going to stop and continues pleasing us with new faces, and also some changes in the body structure. These are the absence of the neck joint and a slightly different breast shape.

But, most of all, I would like to share new molds that are already available for the order (even though the dolls should be expected within two years).
Three new faces have appeared within the past months.
Asian Yoko

The mold is very interesting and is replete with images. She will look good with any wigs and makeup.
Dark skintoneShana

The only doll with dark skin tone. She is self-sufficient and looks gorgeous with and without makeup. Her face is beautiful, just like all Natalia’s dolls are.
Marisol has been recently presented.

This is a white-skin, young creation but she has promises of a strong woman. She slightly looks like Zayu, by author’s account. But to me, there is something mystic behind her cute face.
How do you find the new girls? Who would you like to have in your collection?

All pictures are taken from theInstagram Natalia Loseva andPatreon


I fell in love with Marisol when I first saw the photos! She does look a bit like Zaya to me, but I think I may actually like her more. Her and Rebecca look like they would make good sisters. Someday, I'd love to own all of these girls, but likely I will just someday get Marisol :)


Yes, all of Natalia's girls look very real. I think I have a resemblance to Rebecca, but some other collectors say that I resemble Marisol. Yet Rebecca is a my favorite


I think sometimes our favorites reflect the traits we like in ourselves or in others. Marisol looks a bit like me, and a lot like my favorite cousin. I look a little like Zaya. My sister looks like Yuy a lot. And they are my favorites. Natalia does a good job of making achingly heartbreaking faces where they are so creative and definitely unique faces, but you can still see parts of yourself or your loved ones in their expressions and features. They’re unique works of art, but they have a precious familiarity to them. I don’t know how to properly say what I mean; I hope you understand.

I see why Rebecca is your favorite. She looks like she’s kind. Your profile photo looks a bit like her, too.


Thank you


Natatya showed how Shana and Marisol can look in different wigs