Nicki’s Hobby

Natalia Loseva doll

Nicki likes doing needlework, just like me. Knitting is her biggest hobby. But she does not have much time, and therefore it’s been a while from the first stich to the ready product.
I would like to show you this short and long at the same time part of their lives.
And there is another novelty! I tried using a video editor, and now you will see a short video instead of pictures. I hope, you will like it!

If you do not want to torture your Zaya for trying on clothes, a mannequin may be boughthere.

Hurry up! There are just 4 of them.


Oh, I love this! The video-story is so, so fun! And I'm very impressed Nicki made such a small-scale sweater! Sweet Zaya is so patient by trying on her garment


Thank you very much!