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Closing the preorder

Natalia Loseva doll

The news that the active pre-order (the line) of the blank dolls with 6 molds will be closed on July, 1st, has created a buzz for the doll fans of Natalia Loseva. As it has been known from rather informed source, the line for the dolls is scheduled till 2024, and everyone who has placed the pre-order will receive their dolls on a first-come, first-served basis. But the new pre-order cannot be placed. And the good news is that we should expect new dolls from the beloved and amazingly talented author! And this is always exciting!



Sure wish there was an English version so I can read the details on how to order. Thank you.


In Natalia's Blog, I gave a link to it in the message, there is an English version.

You just have to write to her by mail about your desire and indicate the mold. It's all


Thank you.


I think I may buy Shana...I must decide quickly, I love the doll, I thank you for letting me know about the deadline!

20:06 (edited)

Yes, you can do it. Now, when ordering, no payment is required. This is just an enrollment. Payment in 3 years when the doll is ready


I have sent an email! So very excited :) I have $500 saved now, in 3 years I will be ready!!


good luck!


Hi ^^

I sent an email but I don't know if it will be read. If anyone here can answer me. How long to make the doll? I know it's long, it doesn't matter. And we can pay in Layaway?


Layaway — no, but you have three years to collect the required amount by the day the doll is ready