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Zaya at the Doll Art Exhibition in 2017

Time passes rapidly. It has been 4 years since our first meeting with Zaya. It was the Doll Art exhibition at the Gostinyy Dvor in Moscow, in December, 2017. It was the first offline meeting with my dear Natalia Loseva, the author of this wonderful and “live” doll and many other favorite dolls.

Zaya was and is a beloved doll by many people. The edition of this doll is limited, each of the doll is unique. So I got an idea to get these pictures of the FIRST Zaya and show them to you.

She is touching, and slightly shy on the pictures. Maybe she is agitated of how collectors would accept her.

But her worries are groundless, as she won their hearts for good.

Karen from Germany Karen from Germany 2 months ago #

That is such a «speaking» doll — she carries emotions and can probably tell stories -

JuliM JuliM 1 month ago #

Natalia's dolls are really alive. They have a light aura from their author

Karen from Germany 1 month ago #

That is a very nice way to put it! <3 

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