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Fashion-Size BJDs- what are they and who do I recommend

Fashion-Size BJDs

Hello. I love Fashion-Sized BJDs, specifically those 15-20 inches tall. I made a list on DoA of my favorite resin ball-jointed fashion dolls, and I thought anyone who likes these dolls as well might appreciate it. They are a mix between BJDs and fashion dolls. Please, if I've left anyone's favorite dolls off, add them on the wall! I realize there are specific groups around dollfan.club already for Ficon dolls and others, but this is just a master list of recommendations from me!

A lot of the resources in this list came fromthislist! Plus, more fun non-resin dolls are listed there (sadly many companies mentioned are now defunct). I foundthis list as well after making my own, but again, many dolls are featured on both my list and theirs.

IF DOLL NUDITY OFFENDS YOU; PROCEED WITH CAUTION. I tried to find dressed photos of all of these dolls, but it was not always possible.

Here's a list of my favorite realistic sculpts (except for one tiny subsection the vast majority of dolls on this list are what I consider realistic) in this size range (ordered by preference within their price ranges):

Expensive (approaching or over $600++ USD) REALISTIC dolls/mostly realistic:
-Natalia Loseva

-Charmed Kingdom

-Lutsenko Dolls

-Demuse Doll

-Eslyn Dolls


-Olga Kamenetskaya Dolls


-Triffonyartwork Dolls

-Tender Creation Dolls


-Kinsman Doll

-Alenka Amicus Urfin andGideon

-Spirit Imprint dolls

-Inamorata Doll


-Icorose Doll

-Bardo Research BJDs (I class Ayatana, Anyita, and Pooja as realistic, but they are a bit stylized)


PRE-ORDER Reservation Resin image 9


-Lumedoll (company may be defunct?)


-DragonShell doll (Small size dolls are made upon request only! I have seen owner photos of the resized dolls, they are compatible with Natalia Loseva and EslynDolls. Transparent resin also available upon request!)















-MargoKM BJDs




-Metis doll

Amadiz Beauty Minou

Lovely non-realistic fashion BJDs (600+ USD):

-Pidgin Dolls by JDM (not really realistic, but still lovely!)

-Melian dolls


-Menagerie dolls

Resin BJDs with painted eyes:

(these are off-topic on DOA due to their painted eyes, but you can mod these to open eyes and it looks great if you want. I love their painted eyes, though. According to the off-topic doll list JAMIEshow dolls with open eyes may be on topic, so I'm just tossing them in here. These are all what I would class as expensive. As they are resin an ball-jointed, I consider them BJDs.)



-Kingdom doll


-Sybarites (resin)

-Aquatalis dolls


-Vjhon Dolls

-Empiris Doll (16 inch range)

-Empiris Doll (16 inch range)


-Dollchic (makers of Dominion Doll/also related to Numina I believe?)

-Seine Fashion Doll

-Deva Doll (made by Kingdom Dolls)

-Alma Dolls

-StudioXOXODolls (most unique and beautiful dolls on this list!!)

-Mazarine Blue Dolls


Less expensive realistic BJDs ($200-$500 USD- Dollshe has massive sales frequently so they fit here):

-Raccoon Doll

-Iplehouse JIDs/FIDs

-Dollshe Craft Fashion Maxi (terrible wait times, gorgeous dolls. get them on sale.)

-Dollmore 16" FMD BJDs

-Nataly Petrova dolls

kuklakit dolls

-SartoriaJ 40cm line

Less expensive resin fashion dolls that are sometimes not considered BJDs:

(Tonner Doll and Wilde Imagination no longer exist. Most dolls on this list can be found in the dollfan.club marketplace, or on eBay.com)

-Evangeline Ghastly, another off-topic girl. You can sometimes get the resin version for under $200 USD. I think she's lovely, and at least a bit realistic in the way that Bardo Research dolls are, but she's more fashion than BJD, but she's still a cool little doll

-Ellowyne Wilde is the same deal as Evangeline Ghastly

-Kadira by Phyn & Aero is as well

-Annora Monet is another Phyn & Aero off-topic BJD I'd reccomend

-Tonner BJDs in general, like Lady G, resi Tyler, Sydney, Ashleigh, and more are lovely with realistic faces and fashion proportions, but lack detail in their body sculpts, and are therefore off-topic on sites like DoA. They're good, less-expensive, starter BJDs though, I think

-Sevlana doll has adorable mature girls, but they are 28 cm only, so not exactly in this size range unfortunately.

-Kuklakit sells the best, most inexpensive BJDs I've seen. they are 35 cm. They are not excellent quality, but you can clean them up nicely.

-SobaDolls makes her dolls from Flumo, not resin, but they’re too wonderful not to include.

-Postapocolypticdoll also makes flumo dolls


Thank you for such an excursion to the world of dolls


I'm happy you like it! I think I'll update this post with photos of the dolls below the links. It would likely be easier for readers than clicking every link. I love this scale of doll so much, there are almost too many options :)


it would be great to read a story about their creation

Comment deleted

the PashaPasha dolls are not included — her dolls are amazing quality!


I would add to PashaPasha the following high quality resin bdj dolls - Melian dolls, Chimera Dolls and Menagerie- all of them top notch !!


will do! Haven’t heard of them before; but I appreciate the addition! Thanks for letting me know :)