Fashion-Size BJDs- what are they and who do I recommend

Fashion-Size BJDs

Hello. I love Fashion-Sized BJDs, specifically those 15-20 inches tall. I made a list on DOA of my favorite resin ball-jointed fashion dolls, and I thought anyone who likes these dolls as well might appreciate it. They are a mix between BJDs and fashion dolls. Please, if I've left anyone's favorite dolls off, add them on the wall! I realize there are specific groups around already for Ficon and others, but this is just a master list of reccomendations from me!

Here's a list of my favorite realistic sculpts in this size range (ordered by preference within their price ranges):

Expensive (approaching or over $1000 USD):
-Natalia Loseva

-Charmed Kingdom

-Lutsenko Dolls

-Demuse Doll

-Eslyn Dolls


-Olga Kamenetskaya Dolls


-Triffonyartwork Dolls

-Tender Creation Dolls


-Kinsman Doll

-Alenka Amicus

-Spirit Imprint dolls

-Enchanted Dolls (resin)

-Inamorata Doll



-Icorose Doll

-Empiris Doll (16 inch range)

-Bardo Research BJDs (I class Ayatana and Pooja as realistic, but they are a bit stylized)


Resin BJDs with painted eyes:
(these are off-topic on DOA due to their painted eyes, but you can mod these to open eyes and it looks great if you want. I love their painted eyes, though. According to the off-topic doll list JAMIEshow dolls with open eyes may be on topic, so I'm just tossing them in here. These are all what I would class as expensive. As they are resin an ball-jointed, I consider them BJDs.)



-Kingdom doll


-Sybarites (resin)

-Aquatalis dolls


-Vjhon Dolls

-Empiris Doll (16 inch range)



-Seine Fashion Doll

-Deva Doll

-Alma Dolls

Less expensive:
-Raccoon Doll

-Iplehouse JIDs/FIDs

-Dollshe Craft Fashion Maxi (terrible wait times, gorgeous dolls)

-Dollmore 16" FMD BJDs

-Pidgin Dolls by JDM

Less expensive resin fashion dolls that are sometimes not considered BJDs:

Tonner Doll and Wilde Imagination no longer exist. Most dolls on this list can be found in the marketplace, or on

-MalinkaMini (etsy seller; 3D printed resin BJDs. Off-topic on DOA, but in case you don't mind having an off-topic bjd, her sculpts are lovely)

-Evangeline Ghastly, another off-topic girl. You can sometimes get the resin version for under $200 USD. I think she's lovely, and at least a bit realistic in the way that Bardo Research dolls are, but she's more fashion than BJD, but she's still a cool little doll

-Ellowyne Wilde is the same deal as Evangeline Ghastly

-Kadira by Phyn & Aero is as well

-Annora Monet is another Phyn & Aero off-topic BJD I'd reccomend

-Tonner BJDs in general, like Lady G, are lovely with realistic faces and fashion proportions, but lack detail in their body sculpts, and are therefore off-topic. They're good, less-expensive, starter BJDs though, I think

-Sevlana doll has adorable mature girls, but they are 28 cm only 


Thank you for such an excursion to the world of dolls


I'm happy you like it! I think I'll update this post with photos of the dolls below the links. It would likely be easier for readers than clicking every link. I love this scale of doll so much, there are almost too many options :)


it would be great to read a story about their creation