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Unique and Unusual BJD dolls- monsters, Gothic/dark-themed dolls, androids, and fantasy creatures

Eclectic BJDs

If you are uncomfortable with skeletons and other elements of human anatomy, please do not browse this list.

I hope I am not the only one who love fantasy and horror-themed dolls. I generally like fairy-tale princess, pretty and soft dolls, but I also love creepier and more Gothic dolls. These companies span all sorts of styles, I recommend taking a look if you like creepier dolls.

These guys specialize in creepy dolls. I don't like 60+ cm dolls, but I must say, I've been tempted by some of these dolls (especially the pictured one and the medusa)

WARNING: some of Dlace's dolls are disturbing to me, and as I've already said, I find horror dolls nice most times. Be cautious before browsing the link.

another company that specializes in the creepier dolls. I think some of these are so clever!

it is my personal belief that you cannot go wrong with a skeleton doll

These dolls are more gothic/creepy than horror.

  • Evangeline Ghastly/Wilde Imagination dolls (with the exception of Amelia Thimble and Patience)

The Gothic queen. Her diaries can be found on facebook, and they are a fun horror-goth story. she is only available used now.

these are lovely ghoulish creatures, very unique and creative sculpts. I would love one and hope to someday own all three.

The conjoined twins are creepy and lovely!

These dolls are metaphysical works of art!

Again, you can't go wrong with a skeleton doll! All her vertebrae are articulated.

I don't generally like Doll Chateau dolls, but this little one is all kinds of cool.

Okay, look how cute it is!!

  • Jungatoy/Aileen doll

  • Ada dan

  • Amadiz Beauty Elves

  • mohnblumendolls someday, hopefully?

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