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Release doll

Sleek - New Incredible Doll from Ficondoll
Sleek sales open time: AM 9:00 25th September(Korean time)
Atomic Misfit Collection by R. Tonner Design Collection exclusively for Sideshow
The cost of the doll is $100. The dressed doll will cost $180. Moreover, all outfits may be bought separately, at $90 each.
Divine Pearl Margot – New DominionDoll Doll
DominionDoll Posh doll is a vision of the modern plus size models.
​Mysterious Divine Doll in NU Fantasy Collection
There is also a right-to-buy lottery that will last till November 22. The shipment delivery should be expected on March 2022.
New Clara from Ficondoll! Coming soon!
New body, new Clara!
New Barbie in Star Wars Collection
Four new dolls join the collection of Barbie inspired by the movie Star Wars. Such Star Wars characters as Rey, Chewbacca, C-3PO, and a Stormtrooper have inspired to create the dolls, and so they represent the legendary outfits of the characters
Lady in red - EunHa by NuminaDoll
Details about the preorder of the NUmina doll
​Nikki Britt’s New Doll Giveaway
Titus (that is the name of a new doll) will be available for the pre-order on July, 24th. He is 12 inches tall and has a cute face, and a sweet smile.
Valentine’s Doll by Kingdom
Doll as the release date will be on February, 14.
Strike Your Pose – New Barbie Drop Looks
New collection is presented by the Mattel Creations. At this time silver color will take its place in the entire collection.
Almadoll: SPRING/SUMMER 2020 collection
Spring always brings some inspiration, bright colors, and new ideas. And we have good news from amazing Almadoll this spring...
Adorable Amanda Doll
Pre-order Amanda tan skin basic by Linda Macario Dolls
Kingdom Doll are proud to present...  HARMONY!
Released on Sunday 26th April at 6 p.m. UK time
​Preordering French Cute Raspberry
Preordering is available until May, 25th
Spring Mood from Zwergnase
​Spring 2020 Collection by Nicole Marschollek-Menzner
​Traveling with new Poppy Parker Collection
New Poppy Parker Capsule Collection designed by fabulous Integrity Toys designer, David Buttry!
KingdomDoll Monarchs: Katherine Howard - The Stirling Prize
Katherine Howard makes her debut at the first Monarchs for 2020
Mia by Linda Macario Dolls
Pre-order new doll Mia 10"
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