Sleek - New Incredible Doll from Ficondoll

We cannot take our eyes off her! She looks so realistic! No, just look at her!

And we are talking about new doll from Ficondoll. Sleek (that is her name) looks gorgeous! 
She is so stylish, and when you are looking at her, you want to repeat this look.


  The sales will start on September, 25th, at 9 AM (Korean timezone).
There are no words to describe how elegant and cool she is! Her smokey eyes and long eyelashes make her beautiful look mysterious and sexy! She has tan skin, and attractive plush lips. Nude lipstick makes the lips even bigger! This makeup perfectly matches her style.
Her close haircut and black hair gets the entire look done. Massive earrings are well combined with black conservative dress


Sleek is incredible! The collection of Saint Laurent has inspired the designer to create such an astonishing suit! It is all black and covered with spangles. Sleek also wears black gauzy all in one shirts.
She wears high-heeled pointed toe shoes. They are black and have golden stripes and buckles. It looks so good on her!

The doll has a Dejah sculpt and a completely new body. We cannot wait to see more pictures of her!
How do you find her? And would you wear such a spangle suit? 
16:26 (edited)

such a pretty and beautiful doll!