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​Sophisticated and Elegant – Dolce - New Ficonddoll Doll
The sale will start on July, 15th at 9:00 am (Korean time).
​New Ficondoll Sporty Doll
"Tiara" sales open time: AM 9:00 9th April(Korean time)~
Ficondoll Announcement – Stunning New Doll
Her name is Greta. She has a Bella sculpt.
​Chic Ficondoll Model – New Release
The sale will be open on October, 13 at 9 AM (Korean time).
​Ficondoll Magnetic Alexa – New Release
The sale of the doll will start on June, 30th, at 9 AM (Korean time). We do not have other details but she looks fantastic!
​New Doll from Ficondoll - Sarah
"Sarah" sales open time: AM 9:00 17th March (Korean time)
Sleek - New Incredible Doll from Ficondoll
Sleek sales open time: AM 9:00 25th September(Korean time)
New Ficondoll Bella
New Ficondoll Bella (sold out pre-order)
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