New Clara from Ficondoll! Coming soon!

Yesterday it was mentioned that new and amazing doll Clara from Ficondolls appeared. She now have not only a new face, but also have a new body!

It is a great news for Clara fans! Ficondolls have been working on it for about a year, and today you can see photos, that shows us an incredibly cool results. Her forms are even more seductive. Look at this beauty!

Author has just shown us a new face of Clara. She has gorgeous straight golden hair and a great and realistic makeup. Clara is very tender but at the same time, there’s passion in her eyes.

Perfect and just a filigree work!


Oh, today we already see her image completely! And also announced the date of its release on sale. It's great!

" «Clara» sales open time:AM 9:00 15th April(Korean time)She wears white mesh ruffle body suit,white silk bustier,white silk and lace mix pants,white lace long skirt." © Kim


O, «Clara» already sold out!