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New Tonner Dolls on Comic Con 2020 by Sideshow
Robert Tonner has presented his new, long-expected dolls
Soon new doll in Hollywood Collection from JamieShow
Two new dolls will be released that will belong to their new Hollywood Collection from JamieShow
New Doll Collection of Sideshow and Tonner
As to the new partnership of Sideshow with Robert Tonner, we will see two new collections
Barbie® The Best Look™ Gift Set – perfect outfits for day and night
Barbie® The Best Look™ Gift Set is the penultimate entry in the Barbie® Fashion Model Collection – for 2020, and for the collection itself!
Preordering new Saffi doll from Meadowdolls
The pre-order of Big Saffi will begin on July, 1st, and last till July, 12th.
New Ficondoll Bella
New Ficondoll Bella (sold out pre-order)
​Voting for Summer Barbie doll is open
​Are you fan of Barbie dolls? So you can be a part of creating new doll design.
New Barbie Dolls – President Campaign Team
There is a new set of Barbie dolls on the market – 2020 Barbie President Campaign Team.
​Four New Dolls in BMR1959 Collection
New collection on sale now
​Return of Realpuki – magic is in the air!
Fairyland open pre-order new Realpuki
New Jean-Michel Basquiat™ X Barbie® Doll was just released
New Barbie masterpiece is waiting for you!
A big release of Barbie® Best To A Tea™ Doll
The Barbie® Fashion Model Collection commemorates its 20th anniversary with one final series
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