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New Clara from Ficondoll! Coming soon!
New body, new Clara!
Happy Easter 2021
to you and your family
Author BJD Doll – Realistic and Attractive
Olga Falkova (​@kowka51rartdoll) is an author of the unique dolls, has announced about the opened pre-order of her new BJD dolls.
New one of a kind porcelain ball jointed dolls available by Amado Gravagno
One of a kind handmade fine art porcelain ball jointed dolls by Amado Gravagno
​Open Edition of New NU. Face Collection Doll
The Integrity Toys have announced about coming sale of new doll in the NU. Face Collection - Lilith Blair!
​IrrealDoll Raffle for Nora and Nur
So, the limited sale will start on March, 29
Alenka Amicus 'Gideon' preorder is ongoing
Preorder for new beautiful 43 cm doll!
New Tonner Dolls on Comic Con 2020 by Sideshow
Robert Tonner has presented his new, long-expected dolls
Spring Mood from Zwergnase
​Spring 2020 Collection by Nicole Marschollek-Menzner
New Barbie in Star Wars Collection
Four new dolls join the collection of Barbie inspired by the movie Star Wars. Such Star Wars characters as Rey, Chewbacca, C-3PO, and a Stormtrooper have inspired to create the dolls, and so they represent the legendary outfits of the characters
​Fresh News By Inamorata – New Pre-Order
The preorder will be on Saturday the 6th of August.
Strike Your Pose – New Barbie Drop Looks
New collection is presented by the Mattel Creations. At this time silver color will take its place in the entire collection.
Vera Wang - New Doll in Barbie Tribute Collection
Release date: 5/5/2022 Designer: Carlyle Nuera Label: Black
​New Collection of Male Dolls – Pre-order Coming
New male dolls will be available for the pre-order on May, 25th.
New Male Doll With Distinct Muscles
​Amicus Dolls have presented their new male doll – Leo. The pre-order has been already started on April, 22.
Aria fine porcelain ball jointed art nouveau doll  now available
I have made very little of this type of doll, so now is your oportunittie to get one.
NEW FACE Order open
Order for a new face has been opened
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