New one of a kind porcelain ball jointed dolls available by Amado Gravagno


Hi Everyone! This month there are two new available dolls,«Mermaid Dream», a tiny Meiko with her traditional body, and «Bluebird» a Malena angelus with new bodytype. You can check any of our stores for more info and customer reviews:

Amado Gravagno Muñecas de Porcelana by Porcelainbjddolls on Etsy

porcelain_bjd on eBay

They are made with a new porcelain that I have been testing for a long time. It is a recipe that can be easily obtained in internet but it was not so easy as it sounds to make it :P. Even with similar names, minerals change their properties according to the extraction point, so I tested that recipe with the materials I could gather here in my country and to adapt the recipe until it can work fine in my kiln. This means a lot of trials and errors, several castings, and many many firings with different ranges of temperature everytime. I still has some casting issues, is a more fragile material in the raw stage than the one I was previously using and hands was a real headeache to refine :3! But I am very very happy with it, it has a lovely translucency and a nice warm color. And once fired is more resistant than the usual opaque porcelain of my other dolls, I was able to obtain more thin pieces which makes the dolls weight more light,. That means more posability with less tension of the elastic cords. At this moment I am still offering dolls painted with acrilics and laquer, but soon I will bee offering a china painted line.

Both has mohair detachable wigs in ooak colors, shades of green and turquoise and shades of blue. I love to play with colors and experimenting with tints, so pretty unique colors came out from time to time. Some can be repeated, others are not so easy XD.

The Malena doll has a new bodytype, with longer legs and torso. The legs are also modified for better possing of the doll, I wanted her to pleat totally her legs when sitting on her knees, to bend the body a little more upward and to be able to cross her legs in a more elegant way, all of this without adding any new joint. The first doll I made with this modifications was theNubian Queen, but in her case I directly modified a casting of Malena. Then this year I made finally prototype pieces with these improves and now every Malena can have this body type. I found her posing too much more expressive now. The Raven Queen as made with this bodytype and you can see part of the process of the master pieces in this article.

I hope you enjoy them. Any questions you have feel free to ask at any of our social media:

or mail to

Even if not purchase a doll you can equally help me a lot by sharing and comment.

Have a nice and lovely day and thank you for passing by :)


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