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​New Dolls by Goncharova – Pre-order is Open
Pay attention that the author have limited the doll to 10.
9 Beautiful Young Maids by Tender Creation
August, 23, at 5:00 PM (Moscow time) the pre-order for this doll will be open. It will last 2-3 days
Author BJD Doll – Realistic and Attractive
Olga Falkova (​@kowka51rartdoll) is an author of the unique dolls, has announced about the opened pre-order of her new BJD dolls.
New one of a kind porcelain ball jointed dolls available by Amado Gravagno
One of a kind handmade fine art porcelain ball jointed dolls by Amado Gravagno
Teenage Innocent Doll by Tender Creations
First of all, this doll is a teenager. Tender Creations informs that the pre-order for the new doll will be open in about a month.
​New Vf_Dolls – Opened Pre-Order
The pre-order will last till July, 18th.
Ptichka BJD Doll – Pre-Order Starts
The pre-order will start on June, 30th, at 9:00 GMT.
​Mythological Nymphs by VividDolls – Pre-Order Will start Soon
The pre-order will start on June, 18th at 12 pm (Moscow time). So which one is your fave?
​New Male AgattiDoll Pre-Order is Open
The pre-order of new dolls by AgattiDoll continues. There are four male dolls available: Alex, Santino, Nick and Amos. The pre-order has been opened on March, 19th, and it will last till April, 15th.
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