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Teenage Innocent Doll by Tender Creations

Tender Creations dolls have occupied their rightful place in the range of the author Fashion BJD, and their pre-order usually ends in a matter of hours, or even minutes. What will happen now when Anna Dobriakova has created and presented her new doll after a long work and artistic explorations?
A new doll looks very realistic just like her fashion girls. But she differs from the previous dolls. First of all, this doll is a teenager. According to the author, she is 11-13 years old. The height of the doll is 32 cm. Anna has called her first mold as Angel, and it truly corresponds to her appearance. The author has already presented Angel in her .Instagram profile . in the similitude, and she looks fantastic! I think the pre-order will now last even shorter.
This new teenage girl does not have excessive joints, but she is still very posable. The body will have 2 types of the feet: flat and heel (slight arch).
Tender Creations informs that the pre-order for the new doll will be open in about a month.
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All pictures are taken from the official .Instagram

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