​New Barbie Vintage Reproduction

She wears blue costume, special tools, has blond hair and blue eyes. Her profession is one of the most demanded and valued (especially at these hard times). This doll is a reproduction of vintage 1973 doll.

This is Doctor Barbie Doll. On August, 2nd, it is possible to order a new Barbie doll. She will be the fourth reproduction doll in 2021. As you may know, the Barbie has a long story of her career, but it has been started from this one – Dr. Barbie Doll. The designer of this reproduction doll is Bill Greening.

In 1973 this doll was the first career doll. It was the time when women fought for their rights, and Barbie supported them by creating a female doctor and showing that a woman could be anything. And now this is an honor to present this reproduction and continue inspiring children and adults all over the world.

The new Dr. Barbie Doll has a head mirror and stethoscope in order to take care of her patients wearing white lab coat. There is also an X-ray film to provide better diagnosing.

She also has bright teal surgical scrubs with a surgical mask in order to work in emergency cases. Her big blue eyes and blond hair would calm any patient.

The Dr. Barbie Doll has a diploma, telephone, and cloth towel.

Bill and his team worked on the fabrics and vintage patterns. They have rebuilt some plastic parts in order to re-create the vintage doll.

A special attention was paid to the box. It was inspired by Get-Ups and Go fashion package just like in 1970s. This box may be used for display. A doll stand is also included.

The cost of the Dr. Barbie Doll is $50. 

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