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Registration to buy new Gotz Happy Kidz Anoushka is open
Gotz and My Doll Best Friend have announced a release of a new doll!
IPLE HOUSE: Autumn Event
Time For Doll Sale – Iple House Special Event Begun
Glam Micro-Capsule Collection
The Monarchs Homme and Meteor is the name of the new micro-capsule collection. It is glam and gorgeous!
Winner of the Integrity Contest
Her name is Dania Zarr.
​Numina Cyber Event – Dollshic New Dolls
Dollshic has announced about the Numina Cyber Event. Two new dolls are presented on this event. Parrish and Salix. They can be pre-ordered, and it will be opened on December, 11.
​2021 W Club Online Meeting Event
So, again, February 16th, at 8 PM ET – an amazing meeting. Do not miss it!
​GRANADO Winter Event – Male & Female Realistic Dolls
Started on December, 18th. This Winter Event will last till January, 2nd, 2023.
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