Winner of the Integrity Contest

If you are a real fan of the fashion doll industry, you may know about the international contest of the toy design of Integrity 2019. They have announced a winner of this contest at the end of 2019. And now we can finally see the winner – an amazing doll, that has been based on the work of Ryan Liang.

Her name is Dania Zarr. She is also called as Such a Gem, and it is not a surprise, because when you look at her she looks like a gorgeous pearl.

Elegant green dress catches your eyes at once: it has a long trail that can be removed as well as golden skirt. Her massive golden bracelets, a ring and necklace perfectly fit the dress.

Dania has black hair and a red lipstick and long eyelashes make her face flawless. Her black fluffy bag looks elegant and is well combined with high heeled golden sandals.

The doll comes with extra hand and costs $150.

And we have to admit that the designer of this doll really deserves the prize. She is gorgeous!

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