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Registration for 2022 W Club Membership
Announcement of the registration date for W Club 2022 membership. It will start on Wednesday, February 23
​Mysterious Divine Doll in NU Fantasy Collection
There is also a right-to-buy lottery that will last till November 22. The shipment delivery should be expected on March 2022.
​Bright and Colorful Trixie Doll by Integrity Toys
The pre-order is now available and number of the dolls is unlimited. Everyone may order as many dolls as needed. The pre-order will be open till November, 26th.
​Rocky and Challenging Roxy – New Integrity Toys Set
If you like 1980, you may like this new collection by Integrity Toys. This collection represents a TV show JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS.
​Let’s Go Back to 1920s with Meteor Collection
The Integrity Toys have presented their new collection which is glamorous and chic. The METEOR Collection – three amazing dolls. The collection is available for W Club Members.
​Poppy Parker -  Final Dolls  IFD Convention
Marvelous Masquerade and
Poppy Parker: Ready For Palm Springs - Integrity Toys for W Club members
Integrity Toys have presented their first doll (out of 4) this year.
Jem and Holograms New Gift Set
The pre-order will start on April, 29. The shipment is expected on late June​
​Integrity Toys East 59th Collection – Pre-Order Starts Soon
The members of the W Club have received good news about the release of the new series by Integrity Toys.
​New Poppy Parker “Beach Babe” by Integrity Toys
The sale starts from Monday, March, 22, at 12 PM eastern standard time. No restrictions, on a first-come, first-served basis!
​2021 W Club Online Meeting Event
So, again, February 16th, at 8 PM ET – an amazing meeting. Do not miss it!
​Sugar and Spice Poppy Parker Gift Set - 2020 W Club Doll.
Integrity Toys - New Poppy Parker gift set is presented. It is the fourth 2020 W Club Doll.
The 2020 Legendary Convention
​The 25th Integrity Toys Anniversary
​Glorious Enamorada Natalia Fatale from Integrity Toys
A pre-order is available for W club members.
Winner of the Integrity Contest
Her name is Dania Zarr.
Glam Micro-Capsule Collection
The Monarchs Homme and Meteor is the name of the new micro-capsule collection. It is glam and gorgeous!
​Traveling with new Poppy Parker Collection
New Poppy Parker Capsule Collection designed by fabulous Integrity Toys designer, David Buttry!
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