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Final Dolly Fridays -  fifth and final W Club Exclusive doll Poppy in Paris
Pink may be called a classic color which will be in fashion all the time. If you do not agree with that, take a look at the new outfit of Poppy. It contains of several items, and pretty pink is the main color of it.
​Vintage and Modern Style – True Collection by Integrity Toys
Integrity Toys have presented their new collection in the W Club. It is so bright and inspiring! The designers of the collection are Mark Tinkey and David Buttry.
Metropolitan Adventurer  Tajinder Chowdhury™  - Attractive Movie Star Doll by IT
A brave man looking very elegant is traveling across Europe during the metropolitan adventure. He is an actor, and a real movie star. It seems he wears a navy blue suit, but it consists of several items.
​Italian Chic – Final Dolls Of Integrity Toys & Magia 2000 Collaboration
Italy may become a country of fashion due to these girls and their outfits. They have used only best fabrics, multiple layers, and colorful shades. We are talking about the collaboration of Integrity Toys and Magia 2000.
4 Day Stay Tuned: ​New Poppy in 1960s Style
“Miss Independence” is a new TV show episode during the Integrity Toys’ online convention. It seems that anyone will guess 1960s style when you will see this girl: classic! . .
​Two Dolls in Comic Genre by Integrity Toys – Day Three
This day may give you joy and laugh as you may enjoy the American sitcom genre of early 90s. This idea was presented on the day three of the Integrity Toys online event. The designer of these new dolls is Vaughn Sawyers.
​Day Two of Integrity Toys Convention
Are you ready to dive into the world of the sci-fi story? This is day two of the “Stay Tuned” online event. At this time, we may enjoy the beloved and popular Poppy Parker playing the role of Commander Yeto, “Galaxy Girl”.
​Passion Opens New Integrity Toys’ Online Event “Stay Tuned”
On November 14th, one of the most expected events has been started! This is a virtual doll convention by the Integrity Toys.
​Poppy Knows How To Cheer You Up – The 3rd W Club Doll Of 2022
These girls will definitely rock you! They are bright and flexible, magnetic and charming, and their dancing will cheer up anyone. So would you join them and give them a P? Well, Poppy Parker has joined the cheerleader team, and she is a star!
Trending Tulabelle True Doll -New Brand by Integrity Toys – Pre-order
A new fashion brand is going to catch your eyes! It is “TRUE” brand that is established by the IT girl – Tulabelle True. They are going to present their new page on Instagram.
​Italian Charm by Integrity Toys – New Doll Presented
Sunny and bright are the words that may remind you of warm summer. But there is also a doll that will definitely take you to this colorful season. This doll is so bright, beautiful, sophisticated, and she is “peppery” for sure.
​Bright Evening with NU. Face Doll
The art gallery in London may be a perfect place to spend evening. Giselle Diefendorf is one of the visitors at the opening of the gallery. She is definitely one of the most fashionable person there. And paparazzi cannot take cameras from her.
​New Role of Poppy Parker
It is rather curious to know what autumn would be in the doll industry. And the first doll of this season would be Poppy Parker (it is hard to believe but it is autumn!).
FR Nippon Collection Primrose Misaki (Fashion Doll)
Have you seen this beautiful and pretty Nippon Primrose Misaki? What thoughts do you have when you are looking at her? She is so tender and light, her golden curls are tied in a tail, and some curls frame her face.
Final Doll in Nu. Fantasy Collection and Fascinating Collaboration of Integrity Toys
On Saturday, the final doll of NU. Fantasy Coven Couture Collection was presented byKarol Roth, the owner of the W Club, Alain Tremblay, the marketing director, and Mark Tinkey, talented designer of Integrity Toys.
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