​2021 W Club Online Meeting Event



A very important event is coming! The fans of Fashion royalty and Integrity Toys should definitely be ready for this. The event is an annual registration in the club. The W club Liaisons informs that the registration will start soon.
On February, 16th, at 8 PM ET (New York Time) you will have a meeting with Carol Roth from W Club and Alain Tremblay from Integrity Toys. They will share 2021 W Club news online and tell about new dolls.


Both members of W Club and people who are not the members of the club may take part in this event. Moreover, if you are not able to join this meeting online, you will get information about the news from this event by email and a link that will give you an opportunity to watch the saved online video at any time you want.
So, again, February 16th, at 8 PM ET – an amazing meeting. Do not miss it!
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