​Pretty Linda Macario Dolls – Opened Pre-order

Linda Macario Dolls has announced about the opened pre-order of the new dolls. They look so good, that the name of the collection is aligned with them – Melody.

The height of the tall is just 10 inches, and the eyes are 16 mm, that make the whole face look adorable and cute. Melody is a new sculpt head for the body that has been used for Mia and Martha dolls before. The doll has articulated body, so it can stand and sit in a position you like.

Two options are available for the pre-order: basic and full set. Ordering Melody basic at $450, a doll will come nude with random color eyes, and factory faceup. There is also a bag and an Authenticity Certificate. By the way, this doll may be both a pretty girl, or a handsome boy.

Melody Full Set costs $750. Pre-ordering this option, a doll will come with a unique outfit. It sounds great as you will have your own Melody doll that will cause only positive emotions. Every customer will have a different outfit of the doll. There is also an artist makeup and random color eyes in this option.

The pre-order of the Melody dolls has been started October, 1st and will last till October, 15th. A production of the pre-ordered doll will take about 4 months, so the shipment should be expected on February 2021.

What outfit would your Melody doll wear? Would it be a girl or a boy? 


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