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​Sugar and Spice Poppy Parker Gift Set - 2020 W Club Doll.
Integrity Toys - New Poppy Parker gift set is presented. It is the fourth 2020 W Club Doll.
​Linda Macario Dolls Didì – Opened Pre-Order
It is a new sculpt head for the body that may be seen in her sisters Gigi and Mimi. The Didì pre-order lasts from December, 19th to January, 19th
​Warm Summer Memories - Mademoiselle Lam
MADEMOISELLE LAM et PHU QUOC VOYAGE GIFT SET. Orders on 12 December 2020, at 12 NOON (Vietnam time )
​00 Fabulous Agent Severine Frost – Sales Open Tomorrow
Severine Frost will be for sale by email. And all orders will be sent on January, 2021. More details and pictures of this fabulous agent will come soon. Indeed, she is stunning!
​AlmaDoll Winter Collection – Chic Elegance
New AlmaDoll Winter Collection is here!
​JAMIEshow 2020 Holiday Doll - Eshe
The pre-order has been opened on December, 9th. And there is a limited number of the dolls worldwide – 25 pieces. TheshipmentisplannedonJanuary, 2021.
Virtual Doll Convention: The Grace Boutique is open
Renewed Grace. It is exclusive for Virtual Doll Convention (like it was last time). Besides new dolls, there are new accessories, and fashions for Grace’s Dream Closet in the collection.
​00 Fabulous Sequel – New Patrick Kinsman Doll
A pre-sale will be opened on December, 6th, at 6 PM (UK time).
Aquatalis First Gift Set Doll
The sale of this gorgeous Lam begins on November, 3rd, at 10:00 (Vietnam time).
Loss of Talented Dianna Effner
The doll industry is sad for Dianna Effner death. A great, talented woman will be always present in our recollection. Dianna left us on October, 14th, however, her kind and really prominent dolls will take a special place in the doll industry.
​Glorious Enamorada Natalia Fatale from Integrity Toys
A pre-order is available for W club members.
Winner of the Integrity Contest
Her name is Dania Zarr.
Glam Micro-Capsule Collection
The Monarchs Homme and Meteor is the name of the new micro-capsule collection. It is glam and gorgeous!
AlmaDoll Fall Collection Opening
Soon for sale new Fall Collection ALMADOLL
Charlotte Stuart and New Celestial Rose Collection
The Monarchs Charlotte Stuart and the Celestial Rose Collection Launch fashions
New Amazing Robert Tonner Dolls
Meet the limited edition of new Grace Deluxe Fashion Dolls
IPLE HOUSE: Autumn Event
Time For Doll Sale – Iple House Special Event Begun
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