​AlmaDoll Winter Collection – Chic Elegance

New AlmaDoll Winter Collection is here! Gorgeous, elegant, style, strict, modern, understated, and chic – these are the words that come to our mind when we look at this collection. Almadoll sticks to their concept: all details are hammered out, the fabrics are of high quality.

There are three options available in the new Winter Collection: Full Set, Look 1, and Look 2. The doll has a very realistic look: the skin tone is light beige, the mold is T face sculpt, Kong faceup, and wig and fashion is Alma.


The face has painted eyes and a full makeup. The makeup is just an art. The colors are dark but they are well combined: it has a cold tone, but the Almadoll looks so elegant. This makeup could be good both for work, or some business dinner. Or she may wear this whole outfit for some social event.



The doll wears elegant burgundy suits (jacket and pants), coat that is made of 100% wool. A jacket has a sexy neckline, which is covered with elegant golden necklace. She also wears earrings and a black belt. By the way, this coat would definitely comfort for this winter.



AND… Fullset out of stock 

Look 1 and Look 2 offer different kinds of outfits. Look 1 has short 100% silk dress which is purple, and a fake fur shawl. This look may be good even for the Christmas party, isn’t it? Also, the size of the doll may be selected: Almadoll, Modsdoll, or FR16. Look 2 offers almost the same look, but the dress is long here and is made of the same color and material like in Look 1. The cost of the short dress is $123, and the long dress costs $128. The fur coat costs $110.

It is so good, that there are so many options for the doll, and it is rather hard to choose. One day she may use the burgundy suit for her business meetings, and the other day she may go to the party wearing that long dress. And it is also time to prepare and select the outfit for the Holiday season. What would it be?     

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