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​Warm Summer Memories - Mademoiselle Lam

Sometimes, in winter, we recollect warm moments of summer. And to give positive and warm emotions, Lam have presented a new doll. Yes, today it is rather hard to travel due to well-known reasons, but summer and feeling of sea and white sand may be right here.


This time Mademoiselle Lam will go to Phu Quoc or Jade Island which is a well-known and the biggest island in Vietnam. Lam stays at Lamarck University which is actually a resort. It was built by Bill Besley at the beginning of the 20 century.


Lam wears a swimsuit which is a color of the sun, and it has an amazing V neckline. A floral chiffon beach robe is slightly shuffled on. The material is so light, that the sea wind plays with it coquettishly. Her blond hair and red lipstick fits well to this floral robe.



Lam also wears white sunglasses and black high heeled shoes. The doll also includes floral linen jumpsuit, white cotton maxi dress, a sun hat, and two bags. She also has a necklace, earrings, bracelet, and a headwear. This set is just perfect for a good summer day.



The doll will come with pastel ping cap wig, one pair of extra hands, a stand, and dressing balls. Aquatalis has truly recaptured the atmosphere of summer. More details will be known soon.


And how do you find Lam?   

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