Moschino - Spring Summer 2021 - Digital

What a great idea to present a new collection this way! I really adore this video! Moschino is a talented designer, and a presentation of Spring-Summer 2021 Collection in a new and creative way tells that they are open to experiments. This new collection has been created in cooperation with Jim Henson’s Creature Shop (the author of The Muppets). “It is not just a poppet show, it is a Fashion Show!” And I completely agree with this opinion!

Moreover, Jeremy Scott has created a doll version of himself and the visitors of the show, among which are many famous persons in the fashion world. This virtual show took place in terms of Milan Fashion Week.

This show is well organized, and everything has been thought out to the last detail: how they move, a color combination, texture and makeup, and even dolls who are looking at the show are so realistic and style! This video brings me only positive and inspirational emotions! I would definitely be a spectator at this fashion show. I like the idea of a smooth shift from one color to another.

As a doll collector, I really enjoy the color concept of the fabrics. And the brides at the end of the show are just breathtaking! There are no words to describe a magnificent work that has been done by Moschino, so you should also enjoy this video!   



wow! Super ideas