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​Rocky and Challenging Roxy – New Integrity Toys Set
If you like 1980, you may like this new collection by Integrity Toys. This collection represents a TV show JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS.
​Let’s Go Back to 1920s with Meteor Collection
The Integrity Toys have presented their new collection which is glamorous and chic. The METEOR Collection – three amazing dolls. The collection is available for W Club Members.
New Merman in Barbie Collection
pre-order of King Ocean Ken Merman that will begin on October, 13 at 9 AM (PT).
JAMIEshow Muses by OWENSU Dangerous Love Collection
Available starting September 28, 2021 at 10am Central time.
New Collectible Barbie Doll – Singer and Rock’n’Roll Artist
Mattel continues enriching their collection of Barbie dolls. At this time, famous singer, actor, and songwriter – David Bowie.
​Lavender and Lilac Mattel Creations New Collection
A CRYSTALLINE DREAM A Member Exclusive Barbie Crystal Fantasy Amethyst Doll
​Poppy Parker -  Final Dolls  IFD Convention
Marvelous Masquerade and
News from JAMIEshow
MUSES HOMME male doll and new fashion collection The Return of Glamour by JAMIEshow & OwenSu.
Festive and Colorful – Dia De Muertos New Barbie Collection
The date of the release is September, 7th.
Poppy Parker: Ready For Palm Springs - Integrity Toys for W Club members
Integrity Toys have presented their first doll (out of 4) this year.
​BarbieStyle Collection – The Second Doll is Here
The cost of the doll is $100. It seems that the Barbie dolls have an eye for the fashion doll industry.
New Elvis Presley Barbie
The Barbie doll is very fashionable and stunning. The cost of the doll is $50.
Barbie Looks Collection – New Black and White Dolls
The summer 2021 is going to be hot as a lot of interesting things are coming. In June we will see a new collection of the Barbie Looks.
​New Inspirational Barbie Doll – Helen Keller
At this time, we will meet the first deafblind woman who has earned the Bachelor of Arts degree.
​JamieShow Muses – New Collection Pre-order
Summer Kisses Fashion Collection is coming! JamieShow presents their Muses. Six amazing dolls with long hair and long legs. The dolls are limited to 100 pieces
​New Wigs Collection by JamieShow
The orders are accepted till May, 20th. The cost of the wig is $45.
Fashion Royalty Collection – Last Basic Doll
The Integrity Toys have presented this basic doll in their Fashion Royalty Collection, and it is the last doll among the basic dolls.
First Barbie Style Fashion Doll – Your Desires Come True
Barbie Style started in 2014 on Instagram, where anyone could offer their own style and fashion. The designer Linda Kyaw-Merschon is the head of this project.
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