​Lavender and Lilac Mattel Creations New Collection

Lavender and lilac are definitely the colors of this fall. Mattel have presented their new Crystalline Dream! The color palette is just marvelous!

Barbie has lilac long hair (in fact the roots of the hair is white). The first object that salutes the eye is her crown! It is crystal. Each stone has lilac color which are made of high quality materials. The designer of this doll is Bill Greening. Other accessories (bracelets, massive crystal necklace) make the entire outfit magical and also mysterious.

Barbie has lilac and blue makeup due to which her eyes look very impressive.

Amethyst range of colors is reflected in the entire style of this Barbie doll. Her lavender dress has bouffant skirt which is short in the front. And a sparkly long ribbon underlines her waist.

She wears lilac high-heeled sandals.

Crystal Fantasy collection doll costs $100. The doll will come in a brilliant packaging box.

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