Loss of Talented Dianna Effner

The doll industry is sad for Dianna Effner death. A great, talented woman will be always present in our recollection. Dianna left us on October, 14th, however, her kind and really prominent dolls will take a special place in the doll industry.

I am extending my sincere condolences to the family and all collectors, who have lost such a great artist, a legend in the doll world, a famous and honored person.

The first doll was created in the late 70s by Dianna Effner. Her doll was represented on the show Dreams-79 in the USA. Her doll really reflected the mood of that period in a hippie style: a bell bottomed jeans and a taste of freedom.   

Dianna wanted her dolls be positive, and cause only pleasant and positive emotions, and love. She also created dolls for kids in the orphanage at that period when she worked as a teacher. To make her dolls she learned how to do a doll body, how to be a sculptor and a tailor. She had to know all these secrets in order to make a perfect doll. And in 90s, she was recognized as a real doll master, and people all over the world wanted her dolls. And she also opened her doll studio in a little place Jamestown at that time.

A lot of beautiful and unique dolls were released in this studio the next 10 years. And then Dianna decided to establish her well-known Doll Dreamers Guild, a place where people could learn to make dolls and acquire skills in the doll industry. It is still popular today and is known for the beautiful porcelain dolls.

Dianna Effner did her best in order to create delicate, unique, beautiful dolls, and she was that person who wanted to share her thoughts and skills with others. More and more masters of the dolls take her techniques and are grateful Dianna for her undying love and inspiration.

And we thank Dianna Effner for her love, skills, attentiveness to every detail in her delicate dolls, soft fabrics, and passion! The doll industry will always remember Dianna!