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Career Barbie Dolls are Donated to Children of First Responders
Mattel donates career Barbie dolls to children
Loss of Talented Dianna Effner
The doll industry is sad for Dianna Effner death. A great, talented woman will be always present in our recollection. Dianna left us on October, 14th, however, her kind and really prominent dolls will take a special place in the doll industry.
​Giveaway To Celebrate Irrealdoll Birthday
All works are accepted till February, 13th. The winners will be announced on Valentine’s day, 14 of February.
Happy Easter 2021
to you and your family
New Doll Collection of Sideshow and Tonner
As to the new partnership of Sideshow with Robert Tonner, we will see two new collections
​Voting for Barbie Exclusive Doll 2020 is Open
So, what mermaid will you vote for?
​Results of Barbie Voting
This is a wonderful merman
​Demuse Christmas Dolls Edition
Demuse Doll Christmas 2020 Edition contains two OOAK dolls with special real skin tone. There are just two of them worldwide: one in red and one in pink (and both of them have been already sold).
​New Almadoll Spring 2021 Collection
This time Almadoll offers 7! (that’s a lot) different looks. It is also possible to indicate what doll size you will use the outfit for: almadoll, modsdoll, and FRI16.
JAMIEshow: Our Spectacular Spring Clearance Sale Starts
The sale will last till March, 19th.
​Royal Iplehouse Vampire Sale
Vampire Count Baron is for sale now. And the sale will last till September, 22.
Stunning Luggage Set – Integrity Toys Accessories
The set has five cases: large suitcase, rolling suitcase, round suitcase, purse, and makeup case.
SugarBone Dolls present OOAK doll for auction sale
The auction will be closed on Sunday, November 7, at 10 pm (Moscow time).
Happy New Year
Best wishes, dear Collectors
Registration for 2022 W Club Membership
Announcement of the registration date for W Club 2022 membership. It will start on Wednesday, February 23
Happy Easter!
Happy Easter!I would like to congratulate all of my good friends,
Merry Christmas!!!!
Wishing you a Joyous Holiday Season and a New Year filled with Peace and Happiness!
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