​Voting for Barbie Exclusive Doll 2020 is Open

Now it is possible to become a part of your favorite doll fashion industry, as it is high time for the 2020 Barbie Signature Doll Design Showdown! As you may know, you can vote for a prototype and a design of the future Barbie doll.

This time we will go under sea with Angel Kent and these beautiful mermaids! There are four design concepts presented for voting in the first phase. 

Design Concept #1:

Design Concept #2:

Design Concept #3:

Design Concept #4:

There are two phases. The voting in this phase is open on August, 19, and it will last till August, 25. Do not miss your chance to vote for a prototype that has sank into your heart!

Two sketches that will get more votes will go to the second phase. The phase 2 will start in several months after the phase 1. Two prototypes of the selected sketches will be presented for voting. The preparation takes time to create physical doll prototypes and clothes. To make it more quality and pretty for your voting, it takes time.

This voting is available for all Barbie fans. One vote is accepted per phase. However, a final doll may be bought by Barbie Signature Platinum and Gold Status members.

So, what mermaid will you vote for?     


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