Happy Puppetry Day!

March, 21 is not only the spring soltice, but also a very special day for all doll fans – World Puppetry Day! Hooray!!! May all your dolls be special, flexible, beautiful and unique! Let's celebrate it together!

In fact, this holiday is rather young. The first celebration was in 2003. And it all started from the puppet theater in 2000, in Iran. An artist, Javad Zolfaghari made a suggestion at the Congress of the Union Internationale de la Marionnette. The date of the celebration was confirmed in 2002.
And now, on March, 21, we celebrate this day. It is a special honor for all puppeteers in the entire world.
It is good to know that puppets were originated in the 5th century BCE. There were puppet theaters all over the world. Now we may enjoy some puppet shows with amazing clothes and characters.
We congratulate you on this World Puppetry Day! May all of you get more inspiration and enrich your doll collections!


Happy world puppetry day! It is nice to have found a community of other doll lovers.


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