​Voting for Summer Barbie doll is open

Are you fan of Barbie dolls? So you can be a part of creating new doll design. @Barbiestyle Fashion Doll has announced a voting for Summer doll. The series will have only four dolls: one doll per season in 2021. Four dolls will be created by Mattel, and they will be for sale in the Barbie online shop next year. Each doll has many accessories and stylish separates for making a unique outfit.

The blog of BarbieStyle has been started in 2015. And now it has more than 2 million followers. But you can decide what fashion, shoes, hairstyles, and others should be used for your favorite Barbie doll. Go to the official site and vote for it! Select your Summer doll!

Also, you may check for Fall and Winter dolls voting. The doll that will have more votes will be produced and released in 2021.

The voting procedure is rather simple: it is necessary to check for a calendar to find out when voting opens and closes, and there is button “Vote Now” to be clicked on. A person can vote just once for one poll. The additional instructions will be provided on the survey page. That is all. You then have to wait for an email to know the result. Any person can take part in voting.

And when the doll will be produced, anyone may buy it. Each doll will be available on the official Barbie website within a year after the poll closes. There is no exact dates yet, but they indicate that Spring Doll will be available Q2 2021, Summer Doll will be available Q3 2021, Fall Doll will be available Q4 2021, and Winter Doll will be available Q4 2021.

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